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Heyooooo! Upgrade to a sexy compact handmade wooden ring box. Perfect for getting down on one knee. They have a magnetic closure, and they close with a satisfying little snap. lol They are handmade in New Zealand.

The oval shaped boxes measure 40x30mm, so they are on the petite side. They will fit nicely in a pocket, as they are smaller than our standard grey boxes, which measure 2.25 inches square. The ovals have an outer cardstock sleeve as well.

The square version measures 50x50mm, a bit larger. If you are buying a larger ring, the square may be best. If you aren't sure that the ring you purchased may fit, just shoot us a note and we can help guide you on which one would work best.

The oval boxes are smaller, but they are more expensive as they are much more challenging to manufacture. :)

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