All About ZAYA Moissanite

Welcome to J Hollywood Designs! This is a crazy fun place to hang out, learn about our sexy moissanite, and gaze at gorgeous gems and jewelry. Do not miss our infamous Instagram for behind the scenes videos of stones, rings in the making, and more.

Here you'll find gorgeous engagement rings, beautiful wedding bands and other yummy jewels. We strive to use as many eco-friendly materials in all of our pieces as possible - man-made stones, conflict-free diamonds, recycled metals. Some of our packaging may be upcycled as well, don't be alarmed, all will be well on the inside.

To get you started on your sparkly adventure, read about the stones we sell by clicking below. Sign up for our email list, as there is always something fun going on around here, new stones, settings, giveaways, yada yada.

Not sure what shape or size stone you might like? Start with our at-a-glance look at common cuts and carat sizes.




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