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devon ring - men's gold wedding band, moissanite engagement ring

devon ring - men's gold wedding band, moissanite engagement ring

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A unique men's band in your choice of metal, but with a modern twist - a conflict-free 1 carat round NEO moissanite center stone with six channel set moissanite side stones. Band measures 6.5mm wide at the top and narrows a bit down to 3.3mm at the base of the shank.

Available in 14k white, yellow or rose gold, and also platinum. Make your selection to the right to see pricing on the various metals.

[[----- GEMSTONE DETAILS -----]]

One 1 carat 6.5mm colorless round cut NEO moissanite by Wholesale Moissanite. E-F color, VS1 clarity. Includes the most kickass moissanite warranty on the market today.

Six 2.5mm round NEO moissanite side stones.

[[----- NEED TO KNOW -----]]

Available in sizes 5-12, including half and quarter sizes. All larger sizes are available for an additional $150 in 14k and $225 more in platinum.

We highly recommend getting sized by a jeweler prior to making your purchase. (You won't want to give it back to us to size once you get it. lol)

Orders take approximately 5-6 weeks.

Will arrive in a beautiful jeweler's ring box.

Payment plans are an option if you'd like to do so. (Fabrication will begin once final payment is received.)

With this purchase, you are in agreement with our policies regarding custom orders. 

[[----- CUSTOM OPTIONS -----]]

Want a smaller center? Bigger? Another shape stone? We can do that - drop us a message and we'll design your dream engagement, and it won't cost you $30,000. Or even $10,000. Cuz seriously, is that really necessary?

[[----- ABOUT NEO MOISSANITE -----]]

NEO Moissanite is one of the most diamond-like moissanite on the market today. The cuts were developed to mimic a diamond in clarity, scintillation and fire. NEO Moissanite is second only to diamond in hardness. The result is an absolutely stunning diamond alternative. Learn more here.


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