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Perhaps you've reached that stage in your relationship where you are beginning to consider proposing to your partner. Or, perhaps everyone has been telling you to put a ring on it, and you’re ready to rock. Exploring engagement rings can be a fun, even exhilarating experience, akin to riding a roller coaster. Yet, it's undeniable that shopping for them can also feel more than a bit overwhelming, and you feel the urge to get off the coaster now. lol There’s all kinds of pressure to pick the perfect one, and you want it to be a ring that gets a “hell yes!”. With countless styles tempting you and all kinds of questions coming to mind, it's totally normal to feel overwhelmed.

Need some guidance? Look no further than Jen, Colleen and Andie, at J Hollywood Designs.

Here at JHD, we get that an engagement ring isn't just a symbol of love. And, likewise, our rings aren't just accessories; they're fashion statements and say a lot about the wearer without saying a word. We know you don’t view your ring as just some shiny rocks and metal. We're all about your unique story and we want to design a ring that will have her or him smiling for years to come. 


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What sets us apart from other online engagement ring retailers? Plenty! For one, we offer a concierge service that’s dedicated to answering your questions, guiding your decisions, all while having fun in the process. We are known as the cheeky jewelers. We’re super approachable so don’t be a wallflower. Get acquainted with our concierge service here

We’re also social animals (rawr!), meaning we love showing off all of our engagement ring designs. Get ready to ooh and aah when you check out our Instagram feed and posts on good ‘ol Facebook. And, quite possibly the most significant difference from other jewelers is our deep affection for lab-grown diamonds and moissanite. 

Most importantly, at J Hollywood Designs, we are dedicated to helping you locate or design a ring that will blow your mind. You'll uncover a captivating assortment of engagement rings on our site, from those that are funky and unusual, to minimalist, to classic styles. Our collection knows no bounds, spanning from subtly elegant to organically inspired, from contemporary cutting-edge to romantically vintage. And our commitment to excellence guarantees that every ring in our inventory is of the highest quality!


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If you haven’t heard much about lab grown diamonds yet, you will soon. They’ve surged in popularity over the past year or so. Why? Their increasing demand is largely attributed to the following factors:

Diavik Diamond Mine – Fort Smith, Northwest Territories - Atlas Obscura Lab grown diamond pendant on a wood block


Lab grown diamonds are often seen as more ethical and environmentally friendly compared to traditional mined diamonds. They do not require the extensive mining processes that can lead to environmental degradation and human rights concerns.


Lab grown diamonds are distinctly more affordable than their natural counterparts. This price advantage appeals to consumers looking for high-quality, affordable alternatives to traditional diamonds. 

3 ring wedding set in custom gray jewelry box gold casting tree, for jewelry making

With advances in technology, lab grown diamonds are now virtually indistinguishable from natural diamonds in terms of quality, appearance, and composition. This reassures consumers that they are getting a genuine, high-quality product.


Lab grown diamonds can be produced in a controlled environment, allowing for greater customization in terms of size, shape, and color. Additionally, their production is not subject to the geographical limitations that come with mining natural diamonds, ensuring a more consistent supply.

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As a result of these factors, the market for lab grown diamonds has expanded significantly in recent years, appealing to a growing consumer base seeking sustainable and ethical alternatives to traditional mined diamonds.

When you work with Jen, Colleen and Andie here at JHD, lab diamonds and moissanite speak strongly to our customers who are seeking the glamour and look of earth-mined diamonds in an affordable, sustainable fashion. 

Intrigued about lab grown diamonds? We get it because we’re obsessed with them. Read even more about lab grown diamonds here. We promise it won’t be a snore.


 Now that we’ve communicated our love of lab diamonds, you may be wondering what the difference is between them and Moissanite. And, the truth is, even though they do have some differences, you really can’t go wrong with either choice.

We’ve put together a chart so you can see how they stack up against each other.


  • Is a real gemstone, not a simulant, glass, or CZ
  • Is not a diamond
  • Don’t cloud or scratch
  • Costs 1/10th of a diamond
  • Come in a huge variety of shapes and colors
  • Can be cleaned just like a diamond can


  • Have all of the qualities of earth grown diamonds, but they’re grown in a lab vs. mined from the earth
  • Don’t cloud or scratch
  • Come in a huge variety of shapes, and several colors
  • Can be cleaned just like a diamond can

  • moissanite and diamond engagement rings and right hand rings

    We love, love, love moissanite, in case you haven't noticed. We’re moissanites biggest fan. (they don't call Jen the Queen of Moissanite for nothin'.) So much so that we are very particular about the moissanite we use in our jewelry. This is not off-the-street moissanite, people. It’s fancy-pants moissanite! 

    You should know before we invested in moissanite, we took an epic, deep dive into it and deemed it awesome. You can plunge into the depths of learning about it too, right here. Happy reading! 

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    We have heard many a horror story over the years from couples who lost their engagement rings on their honeymoons. We want you to love nurturing your inner wanderlust and not worry about losing your precious fine jewelry in the ocean or in the casino. That’s why lab diamond and moissanite jewelry makes for worry-free travel jewelry. Learn more about this fabulous concept here.


    Part of your engagement ring choice centers around selecting the right metal for your ring. Lifestyle considerations should influence this choice, whether you are hands-on in your profession, frequent the gym, or revel in the great outdoors. While gold boasts popularity as a fine metal, it's worth noting that white gold requires occasional replating. On the other hand, platinum, while a sturdier and pricier alternative, braves the elements with grace. The metal you choose should mirror your budget and the life you lead.

    The same care should be taken when choosing your wedding bands. Speaking specifically of men's wedding bands, check out our super-cool styles – both refined and stylish, with lab-grown diamonds or moissanite and without. We think you’ll love them too.

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     Although we offer many fine engagement ring options, we understand that you won’t always find exactly what you’re looking for within our cases. And that’s exactly why custom design could be your answer.


    As you browse our website, we understand that you may look at all of the rings we offer and still feel like it’s not quite “the one.” Kinda like dating, right? (Which is a challenge in and of itself, as Jen has discovered recently. lol) You may have done quite a bit of that before you found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. Well, before you head out, you should know that we offer custom designs. You can get exactly the ring you want, and together we will have fun dreaming up what it will look like in the process. 

    Let’s start with the basics. Say you really like one of our rings, but you prefer a narrower band or a different prong shape. We consider these kinds of adjustments to be tweaks, and they’re free of charge! 

    However, if you’re looking for something really unique and you’re inspired by a ring you saw somewhere else, let us know. You can send us a photo or 2, and we can pick up the conversation from there. Just keep in mind that custom fabrication takes on average 5-7 weeks from concept to completion. Learn more about our custom design process here

    large rose cut cushion shaped lab grown sapphires


    Perhaps you’re looking for something more colorful than a traditional white diamond or moissanite. Sometimes people gravitate to colored gemstones like sapphire (we have lab sapphires too!), ruby, green or teal moissanite, etc. If living colorfully is part of your DNA and you truly crave a gemstone and setting that’s going to turn heads, you have come to the right place. 

    And you’re not alone. Colored gemstones have gained popularity in engagement ring settings, ignited by iconic figures such as Princess Diana and many Hollywood celebrities and musicians. We got on board by replicating an iconic ring of our own. Check out our Crazy Rich Asians ring here

    Because we specialize in moissanite, we are able to offer a crazy cool amount of colorful options for you to choose from. So whether you want emerald green or you’re more into subtle colors, like champagne; or, even if you’re looking for just the right teal or even black, we’ve got it! They’re all stunning and a departure from convention. Check out the details on all the moissanite color options here.


    It’s true. Engagement ring styles come and go in popularity, just like fashion. For example, halo styles have had a long run in the spotlight, but now you’re likely seeing more oval and emerald cuts, and a return to yellow gold settings. For a lot of couples, this is where analysis paralysis settles in, making them feel like they have to pick something classic instead of the style they love right now. While there’s certainly no shame in safety, the fact that our lab diamond and moissanite styles cost thousands of dollars less lets you indulge in your heart’s desire now. 

    Here’s the lowdown on what’s trending.


    two stone engagement ring, with a princess cut and a pear shape


    The brilliance of round lab grown diamonds and moissanite are always a timeless option. That said, we are finding that princess cuts are making a comeback! Pear shapes are also trending. This shape looks great on the finger and can be set both vertically and horizontally in settings. It has unmistakable vintage charm in this shape, particularly when paired with an elegantly understated band.


    White gold and platinum were the hottest metals for about the last 20 or so years. A few years ago, yellow gold made a resurgence, harkening back to the 80's, for those of you who were around back then. Rose gold looks very similar to yellow gold, with a bit of a lovely pink hue. Engagement rings with a delicate vintage vibe look gorgeous in rose.


    A legacy that traces back to the iconic blue sapphire engagement ring of Princess Diana and other royals, colored gemstones continue to captivate hearts. We welcome you to explore the many colors of moissanite that transcend the ordinary.


    Why settle for a single wedding band when you can embrace the trend of stackables? As a bonus, they make great anniversary gifts; hint, hint. J Hollywood Designs has all of the latest styles, from classic to edgy-cool. 

    round solitaire engagement ring with wider cathedral band


    The latest trend we are finding with engagement rings is a wider band. For many years folks have generally preferred a narrow ring band, sometimes set with tiny diamonds. Lately though, people are starting to lean towards more substantial bands, around 3mm or so wide, which look fabulous layered with narrower wedding bands.

    The always classic 3-stone ring is a timeless configuration that has re-surged in popularity. Just look at the ring Prince Harry created for Meghan Markle. This arrangement, symbolizing the past, present, and future, offers multiple interpretations – three equally sized diamonds or a prominent center stone flanked by two smaller counterparts (the latter is our fav). Why settle for one diamond when you can revel in the sparkle of three? We know we’re partial, but we think you’ll agree our three-stone designs sparkle above the rest!

    pear shaped engagement ring with twisted X style band


    A split shank band, jeweler-speak for an engagement ring that has two bands, is another standout choice. Like our Beckett or Noelle rings. An X shank engagement ring, welllll it looks like an X. haha These are super hot lately, our Raven ring has been flying out the door recently.


    Eternally elegant, the minimalist round diamond setting embodies a classic look that withstands the test of time. Simple solitaire look fantastic layered with blingy bands.

    Regardless of the ring you ultimately choose, you simply can’t go wrong when you choose us as your jeweler. Let’s get this party started, shall we? #wompwomp