Moissanite Color Chart

50 Shades of Moissanite

Welcome to our moissanite color chart. We put this awesome chart together so you can see the variety of colors available. We can get some variations on these colors in most cases, a lighter or darker green for example. I didn't have a decent sized black moissanite in stock, so here are 2 tiny straight baguettes. lol There are some other colors available that we get requests for quite often, red, pink, etc. Those are coated on the pavilion (the underside of the stone) to create that color.

Moissanite Color Chart

We can get any shape or size in all of the colors shown in the pics above and below. For starters, feast your eyes on this delightful pear shape just below, in a medium shade of teal/blue green. We can also source lab created sapphires that are just spectacular, and they are a bit less expensive than moissanite. Same deal, any shape/any size is available in lab sapphires as well. Sapphires paired with colorless moissanite and diamonds is my absolute fav gemstone combo.



Speaking of sapphires, check out these French cut lab grown sapphs – they are adorable.


And the ring they are being set in (as we speak) is this gorgeous custom design we did recently, named Clara. It’ll have an Old European cut center, those sexy French cuts, and diamonds. Yum.

The best part about the new sapphires, along with our colorless moissanite, is that we can get any shape/any size now, so the only limitations you have are your imagination! Hmmm. That was cheesy. Imma roll with it though. 😉 We cut these huge rose cut sapphire cushions for a jeweler and they came out amazing. Been dreaming about them ever since. (Mama needs one, me thinks.)


At the lab, to create the various colors - they leak argon into the reactor to create gray boules, and nitrogen for green. A boule is the hockey puck looking thang in the photo – that is how moissanite crystal grows in the reactor, into a disk like shape, and then they are cut down into preforms, shown in the pic below. Then the gems are faceted on a lapidary wheel. Pretty cool process. We have some preforms in our stash, and a super talented gemstone cutter friend of ours is going to have us to his shop for mimosas and a lapidary lesson. Can’t wait!



We have lots of hot n’ sexy rings with colored centers. Our Crazy Rich Asians ring is a popular design with a green emerald cut moissanite center. 

Moissanite makes a killer alternative to mined green emeralds – they are far less expensive, and much harder – mined emeralds are not ideal for a daily wear ring. Natural emeralds usually have a fair number of inclusions, unless you want to spend a bloody fortune for a high end stone.

Our greys are gorgeous too. One of my fav. personal pieces is our Atlas ring, with a killer cool kite shaped moissanite center, surrounded by diamond melee. We can also do a version with moissanite melee, to save you a few sheckles. (Melee is the industry term for tiny ass round gemstones.) And here are a few more pieces with our gray ZAYA Moissanite(r) in them.

So, until next time – tag, you’re it! Comment below your fav color and shape, I’m game for having some new drool-worthy colored moissanite cut, to share on social – let me know what you guys would like to see, and I’ll see what I can do. *insert evil grin*

F.A.Q. - In Progress...

What colors does moissanite come in?

Moissanite comes in a variety of colors, and the color is permanent on the moissanite we sell. White (colorless), green, blue, black, yellow, grey, and light aqua are all available in any shape/any size. Even in funky custom shapes like kites, coffins, shields and more.

Will colored moissanite change color over time?

All of the colored moissanite that we sell is not coated, it's a solid color throughout the gem and it will not change color over time. Various elements are added to the reactor (moissanite is grown in a lab, in a reactor) to create the various colors, nitrogen for example creates green moissanite.

What is coated moissanite?

Moissanite is available in many other colors, but they are coated on the pavilion - the underside of the gemstone. The coating gives the gem it's color, for example, red or pink. The coating can scratch, and these gems should not be put in an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner, because that will remove the coating.

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