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Goldsmith, Designer, Gem Nerd, Photographer, Wine Lover, Troublemaker


We design delicious moissanite and diamond engagement rings and wedding bands. Also crazy beautiful earrings and pendants. Each item is literally made to order for you. If you see a ring in our shop that you love, but you’d prefer a larger center stone (who wouldn’t?!), or a different metal, we are happy to oblige. This isn’t like shopping at Macy’s, people! Browse our shop, check out our blog, and reach out if you have any questions. Also, we pride ourself on having kick-ass customer service.

Jen Vegas


People often ask me how I got into this business, playing with beautiful gems and precious metals all day long.

My jewelry fetish began when I was young, and my style evolved as I got older (well, hello Tiffany’s, so lovely to meet you…). After I left a full-time job as a web designer to stay home with my daughter, I took a random jewelry class at a local bead store and loved it. Then I bought some beads and sterling wire, then more beads, and more sterling. People began commenting on my pieces, “Where did you get that?” So I opened up an Etsy shop in 2007, selling all beaded items. Then I taught myself how to wire-wrap stones. Fast forward a year or so, I discovered metal stamping, so I bought sterling discs and hammers to make personalized sterling silver items. Yes, mom jewelry. *rolls eyes* After THAT I bought a few metalsmithing books, lots more tools (#ToolPorn) and stumbled upon a wonderful jewelry mentor and now good friend Lance Johnson, of RioFire Jewelers. He convinced me I shouldn’t be afraid of a torch.  Now I love to light shit up. Melting metal is all kind of awesome. A number of years ago I learned about an intriguing gem called moissanite. I ordered a .5 carat round to play with, and ended up setting it in yellow gold engagement ring that I made. (I still have that ring, it makes me smile, although it’s too damn small for me to be sporting now, lol.) I researched more about the stones – loving the fact that they are conflict-free, affordable and really an awesome diamond alternative*. I grew our small line of handmade engagement rings and wedding bands into the custom designs you see in our shop today. I’ve been going strong since 2006.

*Moissanite is such an awesome diamond alternative, that I actually fooled 2 diamond dealers with my emerald cut engagement ring while on vacation in Cancun. I was in the pool, perhaps with a Corona in hand, and a guy came over and complimented me on my ring. I said thanks, let him check it out and then told him it was a moissanite. He was floored. He called over his wife, and she checked it out too, couldn’t believe it. We hung out, had a beer and he kept shaking his head and looking at my ring, he couldn’t believe how pretty it was. Moissanite rocks, I’m tellin’ ya.


For the moment, We have been featured in several places, not anywhere super fabulous (like Vogue, ahem), at least not yet. But we will be, I promise you that. Stop by our Press page to check it out.


I’ve been working in the areas of graphic arts and web for over 15 years.  At my most recent in-an-office kinda job, I spent 4 years at Triton PCS/SunCom as a web developer. During my time there I was solely responsible for the expansion of a company-wide intranet from 300 pages to over 1,500.  No small feat. I’ve built websites for a number of small businesses, done logo and collateral designs as well. I also designed and built this website.


Director of Smooth Operations

Takes Care of Business, Designer, Wifey, Wrangler of Two Maniac Boys, Potential Crazy Cat Lady


I’ve been making magic happen for over 15 years in the multi-media marketing space. Here’s where I name drop: I’ve delivered results for eBay, AstraZeneca, Agilent Technologies, Dick Sporting Goods, Toy ‘R Us, DuPont, Bayer, PointRoll and more. While at eBay, I managed an interactive project management team responsible for overseeing project for over 150 well-known brands. Let’s just say, I know how to take care of business all while laughing and having a good time. Work hard, play hard. I consider myself one lucky woman because I get to work with AND play with jewelry.

Colleen Headshot



Direct mail campaign for PointRoll was featured on the cover of DM News, July 2005 edition.


Kickass Assistant to the Queen of Moissanite

Head Squirrel Wrangler

Jewelry Addict; Artist; Baseball Enthusiast; Seaglass Hunter;

Party Girl by Nature/Professional by Necessity




As a pre-teen I enjoyed restringing beads and making small repairs to the costume jewelry that my mother would find through her antiques business. Over the years I learned about the different styles and time periods of vintage jewelry, my first love. In college I leaped into becoming an art major, with the aspiration of becoming a jewelry designer (with absolutely no art background at all…like a maniac). Life took me in a different direction after college when I joined the retail jewelry workforce instead. I spent 10 years with the company, eventually managing my own store.

When I got the opportunity to re-enter the jewelry field with J Hollywood Designs, I jumped all over it! I love to utilize my knowledge of gemstones, design, and metalsmithing to help our amazing clients. Moissanite is such a versatile stone that I’m amazed every day by what we can create with it. In our office, I’m our detail girl. While the creative and technical masterminds, Jen & Colleen, work on creating & executing their designs, I’m the one trying to make sure we don’t get distracted by all the sparkly bits (or social media, or the view out the window, or the glass of wine calling our names…SQUIRREL!).

 I swear I am part dragon because I’m all about hoarding glittery treasures. My overall style leans simultaneously towards “unique/different/modern” and “classic/vintage/historic” pulling from both my love of antique & vintage jewelry and my quirky desire for individual expression. Sometimes it’s really hard to put all of your beautiful orders in boxes and say goodbye.

Andie Gems