Welcome to Moissanite Utopia: Rings, Necklaces, and Stones

Hello love! Here you will find delicious moissanite and diamond engagement rings and other jewelry, all handcrafted here in the United States, from recycled metals and conflict-free stones. Our moissanite is THE sexiest premium moissanite available. We evaluated all of the major brands and a number of the smaller ones, and chose the two best to carry. Put on your fav comfy PJ's, grab a glass of wine (and maybe your credit card, wink wink), and let's get started.

Browse about our site to learn all about moissanite, from the difference between diamond and moissanite, to what carat size is right for you (how big can you handle it, lol), to how much fun it is to shop with us.

As you browse about, if you see a ring style that catches your eye, but the center stone is too big or too small, we can do a custom version just for you. Same goes for stone shapes, metal type, prong style, how wide or narrow a band is, add diamonds in a band or lose them. Absolutely everything can be customized.

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Our Instagram is a killer place to stop by (our feed is shown just above as well). We have videos in varied lighting of loose stones, engagement rings, earrings, you name it. Not to mention some shenanigans of the girls and I - you never know what we may say, or do. *grin*

We are also on Facebook, for those of you who are still a fan. We are, until one of us ends up in the slammer. Seems to happen on the regular lately. lol