Hello love! Welcome to Moissanite Utopia. Here you will find delicious engagement rings and other jewelry, all crafted here in the United States, from recycled metals and conflict-free stones. The moissanite we use is THE sexiest premium moissanite available. We evaluated the brands available and settled on several of our favs. Put on your fav comfy PJ's, grab a glass of wine (and maybe your credit card, wink wink), and let's get started.

Browse about our site to learn all about moissanite, from the difference between diamond and moissanite, to what carat size is right for you (how big can you handle it, lol), to how much fun it is to shop with us.

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Moissanite Can Take a Beating
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Hello my loves! I’ve missed you. oxox 2019 thus far has been a whirlwind of health issues, travel and other adventures. It’s been a good year overall, despite being diagnosed with breast cancer in April. Two biopsies behind me, two surgeries down, and 30 radiation treatments in the books as of yesterday – I was able to ring the bell … Read More

Waiting For Perfection
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Let’s have a chat about shopping for a custom engagement ring. So you’ve done the research, pinned ALL OF THE THINGS on Pinterest, decided what type of center stone you’d like, which brand, shape, size, and found your dream setting. You’ve selected THE most fabulous vendor to purchase your ring from (I’d suggest J Hollywood Designs, just sayin’) and reached … Read More

Times They Are A Changin’ – Engagement Ring Trends
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As we are rocking along in 2018, Colleen, Kerry and I are seeing some cool transitions in engagement ring trends. Many of our clients are on the younger side (at least compared to me, ahem) and we find ya’ll absolutely keep an eye on what’s trending, it’s all kinds of awesome. For the last several years, one of our most … Read More