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stabby pear pendant - 15 carat lab grown sapphire necklace

stabby pear pendant - 15 carat lab grown sapphire necklace

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'all sitting down I hope? This is gonna be good. This is the first stabby pear sapphire that we've ever cut, it's a lab grown sapphire, so much less pricey than a mined sapphire. It's 14.75 carats! This shape would also make a kickass cool ring as well - which we can also help with. *grin* Or drop earrings would be sexy as hell too.

We can cut a smaller one if you'd like as well, narrow like this one or we can go wider. Each sapphire is custom cut to your exact specifications.

Includes a 20 or 24 inch gold cable chain (2mm), make your selection at checkout.

Available in 14k white, yellow or rose gold.

[[----- GEMSTONE DETAILS -----]]

One 30x9.5mm long pear shaped lab grown sapphire.

[[----- NEED TO KNOW -----]]

Orders take approximately 6-8 weeks.

Will arrive in a beautiful jeweler's gift box.

With this purchase, you are in agreement with our policies regarding custom orders.

[[----- CUSTOM OPTIONS -----]]

Want a larger stone? Smaller? We can do that - drop us a message and we'll design your dream necklace, and it won't cost you $10,000. Or even $3,000. Cuz seriously, is that really necessary?

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