eliza ring – 3.5 carat pear cut NEO moissanite engagement ring

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Sweet sweet eliza, featuring a most delicious 3.6 carat pear cut NEO moissanite, hand set in 14k white, yellow, rose gold or platinum.


Sweet sweet eliza, she’s one of our most popular settings. Featuring our most delicious pear cut – a 3.6 carat pear cut NEO moissanite, hand set in 14k white, yellow, rose gold or platinum. This NEO is colorless, E-F in color, and VS1 clarity.

Pear cuts are tough, and often have a bow tie – a dark area in the center of the stone. Our NEO pear does not have a bow tie! Check it out…

Gemstone Details

One 12x8mm pear cut NEO Moissanite by Wholesale Moissanite. E-F color, VS1 clarity, equal to a 3.7 carat diamond.
Approximately twenty 1.30mm round GHI SI1 diamonds. Number of stones varies just slightly by ring size.

Includes gem certification/most kickass  moissanite warranty on the market.


Need to Know

  • Orders take approximately 5-6 weeks.
  • We highly recommend getting sized by a jeweler prior to making your purchase.
  • Available in sizes 3.5-10, including half and quarter sizes. Larger sizes are available for an additional $100.
  • Will arrive in a sexy ass jeweler’s ring box.
  • Payment plans are available.
  • With this purchase, you are in agreement with our policies regarding custom orders.


Custom Options

Want a smaller center? Bigger? Another shape stone? We can do that – drop us a message and we’ll design your dream engagement, and it won’t cost you $30,000. Or even $10,000. Cuz seriously, is that really necessary?


About NEO Moissanite

NEO is a newer moissanite on the market. The patent for moissanite expired in 2015, and this beautiful stone is now available in a diamond cut round, a round brilliant, cushion, and many other delicious shapes.
NEO moissanite is grown and faceted in a way that allows us to create the exact look that our clients are looking to mimic. It does not go flat in dimmer lighting, and has very diamond-like behavior. NEO moissanite is the true conflict-free and ethical option in today’s market. The NEO warranty is not limiting. It is far superior in that it offers its own exclusive damage replacement.
While rare on Earth, the NEO is remarkably common in space. It is a common form of stardust found around carbon-rich stars. The NEO is a 4H crystalline polytype, which allows for the cleanest and purest colorless rough crystal growth. (#GemNerd) The 4H crystal outperforms the 6H polytype currently used in the market today.

1 review for eliza ring – 3.5 carat pear cut NEO moissanite engagement ring

  1. Gina (verified owner)

    JHD was amazing to work with. I worked directly with Colleen and she was so so helpful when I asked hundreds of questions. She stood by every change of size and detail that I couldn’t make my mind up on and didn’t get frustrated or irritated with me. She was very responsive and was very personable. And the ring itself – well, that’s even better. The ring is absolutely STUNNING – it sparkles like nothing I’ve ever seen before, and I cannot take my eyes off of it. I love it and am so thankful for Jen and her team!

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