Autograph Collection

Welcome to Our Brand Spanking New Autograph Collection!

Shield Pendant - I am yours, no returns

Yoo hoo! READ THIS FIRST: None of these items are actually on our website or Etsy yet! lol We were so excited about this collection, we just had to share it this week with you guys. We are busy working behind the scenes to get various designs together and posted in our shop. In the meantime, just shoot us a chat with any inquiries about rings, bracelets, pendants, anklets, pricing, a design you have in mind - whatever it is you'd like to know - see the cute chat bubble in the lower right corner? Click that, babe! You can also use our Contact form, but you'll typically get a speedier response via chat. 

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We are rolling out a fun new collection of personalized jewelry called Autograph, and these pieces can be engraved in several different fabulous ways.


If you have a card or artwork from your littles (or bigs lol) that has a short phrase, their name, an "i love you mommy", a deceased parent's signature, a small heart sketched by your sis, etc. - we can engrave the design on the jewelry piece of your choice. The options are endless. We can engrave the handwriting sample precisely onto a pendant, ring or bracelet. For many of the pieces, we can engrave either inside or outside, or in some cases, on both. Standard engraving fonts are available too. We gotchoo covered.

We can clean up any handwriting sample if needed in Photoshop, as shown here.

Love Addy Handwriting Original Love Addy Handwriting Clean 


If you prefer a standard font like Arial or Bookman, or even a not so standard font, we can engrave those as well on any of the items in the collection.


We can also engrave fingerprints onto this new jewelry collection. All we need is a clear black fingerprint on white paper and boom, we will work our magic. 

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Horizontal Bar Pendant - Personalized Handwriting Necklace

Autograph items will be available in all metals, including sterling silver, white, yellow, rose gold and platinum. We can also add gemstones to many of the items as well, if you'd like to include birthstones, diamonds (yes that's a birthstone but figured I'd mention it anyway haha), etc.

Below are a few examples of the rings in our new collection. Many different ring widths and styles are available. From quite narrow to very wide and anything in between. Keep in mind, depending on the engraving itself, we may need to not go too narrow, for a ring band, so that the engraving itself is easy to read.

NOTE: The items shown on this page aren't official handwriting samples, they are mock-ups for now. As soon as we produce a few rings, pendants or a bracelet, we will email with some "real" pics, and also, as always, we will post them on social media.

Sterling and Gold Rings Personalized with Custom Handwriting Engraving
Shield Pendant - Hugs and ass slaps
Longitude Latitude Bangle Bracelet