Which Diamond Alternative is Most Diamond Like?

Which Diamond Alternative is Most Diamond Like?

There are so many cool diamond alternatives available now, and we will see more coming to market this year. Clients are asking us on a daily basis, which stone is the best? Which one is most diamond-like? Is ZAYA Moissanite® the best diamond alternative? Or a NEO moissanite? How will I decide which is best for me?

With spending more time evaluating each type of stone over the last few weeks, (some of which we've been familiar with for years) we have discovered that there is no one brand of stone that is always better overall than the others. Answer a few easy questions for us, and we can steer you to the best stone for you. All of the stones we sell are incredibly diamond-like, and will fool nearly anyone (remind me to tell you the story about the diamond dealers in Cancun). And seriously, some of it truly is just personal preference.

Diamond IconWhat is your fav cut (shape)?

Diamond IconDo you have a color preference...colorless? Gray, teal, black?

Diamond IconWhat is the carat size of your dreams?

Diamond IconSparkle bomb vs most diamond-like? Both?!



ZAYA Moissanite®

J Hollywood Designs is breaking boundaries - we are working directly with the manufacturer to source you a line of gorgeous specialty cut moissanite, the ZAYA Moissanite. Formerly known as the AMADA Moissanite, read more about the name change, 'tis a rather interesting story. #knickers ZAYA comes in both colorless (E-F color) as well as some really cool colors - gray, green, teal, yellow and black. 

We can legit cut any shape/any size for you in our ZAYA brand moissanite. Some of the delicious shapes we are offering - elongated cushions and emeralds, Old European cut rounds, Old Mine cut cushions, asschers, trapezoids, kite shapes, diamond shapes (as in the actual shape of a diamond from the side view), you name it.

ZAYA moissanite is made from silicon carbide, or SiC. #GemNerd They are harder than sapphires or rubies, at 9.25 on the Mohs hardness scale, second only to diamond. Moissanite is a gem unto itself, it is not a fake diamond or a coated stone, and with beauty of them and the fab price, how could you resist? (You can't, trust me.) Add in the fact that they are conflict-free and thousands less than a diamond, well, it really seems like a no-brainer.

NEO Moissanite

These beauties arrived on the scene in October of 2015. They have made great strides with their cut (cut is key, my friends), and now have a full line of shapes and sizes that are just amazing. 

The NEO is the most affordable stone we sell, they have a cool ass name, and come with a comprehensive warranty. 

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