Six Everyday Activities That Put Your Jewelry at Risk

Six Everyday Activities That Put Your Jewelry at Risk

Jewelry needs to be cared for, loved and respected. Wait, no, that's me. lol It's true though, many of us put our rings on, and then leave them on from here on out. Here are a number of daily activities where we suggest you should consider taking your jewelry off.

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When you lift weights, workout or carry heavy items you can damage your jewelry. Barbell handles often have a rough surface, which will scratch your costume and fine jewelry. Ring bands can get bent out of shape, and this can even cause you to lose gemstones from your ring(s). Take those babies off!


Some cleaning products are quite harsh on gold and gemstones. We suggest wearing gloves, or better yet, take off your jewelry while cleaning around the house. Keep a cute ring dish nearby, to store them safely until you are done.


The act of cooking technically doesn't damage jewelry. However, chopping ingredients, working with flour (that ish gets everywhere lol), cutting up meat, etc., can cause rings to get dirty very quickly, which dulls their sparkle.  


Chlorine can be very damaging to your jewelry. We've seen longer term chlorine exposure and it makes your rings and other jewelry very brittle. Every so often it's fine to wear your jewelry in the pool or hot tub, but if you are cannonballing or soaking often, it's best to take them off.


A similar situation as with cooking, washing your face and using your skincare products, those don't technically damage jewelry. That said, it's far too easy to get lotion, hair products, and so on caught in them.  


If you are anything like me, tossing and turning all night, it's best to take your jewelry off before you climb into the sack. Prongs can catch on your bedding or your clothes (assuming you don't sleep in the buff). 


We suggest cleaning your jewelry regularly. One trick I use to keep my rings clean longer, is after I wash my hands, I make sure to thoroughly rinse off all of my rings, that will help them stay clean longer. We also recommend getting a prong check every 6-12 months.

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