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Premium Hand Cut Moissanite vs Machine Cut Moissanite

We have been noticing a recent trend of veryyyy inexpensive moissanite making their rounds on the web. There is a significant difference between hand cut moissanite and machine cut moissanite. This also applies to any other gemstone, diamonds, sapphires, you name it.

For example, the dark inky blue sapphires you typically see at chain jewelry stores are low quality, they are called "commercial goods". These are machine cut stones, and the rough (this is what we call uncut gemstones) they are cut from is lower quality rough. We have seen some of the most spectacular sapphires (and pretty much any other gemstone you can think of) at trade shows and in our industry jewelry groups. They come in a wild array of colors and they are clear and crisp, unlike the sapphires set in most chain and department store jewelry.

Hand cut gemstones are usually priced 40%-70% higher than similar factory cut stones. This is because when a stone is faceted by hand you can feel how the stone is cutting. You can see each facet and how they interact with each other and adjust accordingly to ensure a top quality cut is the outcome. Not to mention, if moissanite isn't cut on the proper axis, while a stone is being set, the table can shear right off of the pavilion.

We have always carried the best of the best, as far as the quality of our moissanite. Over the last year we have experimented with some mid-range moissanite, while making sure the quality of these stones is still excellent. We have also ordered in some very inexpensive moissanite, to play around with, and those stones had many growth lines* in them. 

Lower Quality Moissanite Machine Cut
Notice all of the growth lines in this lower quality moissanite. Above is a picture from a bit further back, and right below is a close up shot.
Hand Cut Premium Moissanite
This is an example of our NEO Moissanite. See how clear and crisp the stone is? Above pic is a bit further away and below again is a close up shot.
Moissanite Grow Lines Close Up
NEO Moissanite No Grow Lines Close Up

(The only Photoshopping done on these pics was to remove a couple of fuzzies stuck to the blue velvet box. lol)

*Graining or growth lines are frequently observed in crystals as subtle lines or heterogeneities, caused by slight changes in optical properties of the growing crystal, due to variations in growing conditions, crystal structure defects or other causes.

Moissanite is so reasonable to start with, why not go for the best of the best? We have had a wholesale channel for a number of years now, in addition to our retail channel. Our wholesale channel is primarily selling loose moissanite and finished pieces to jewelers - we hear on the regular that our moissanite is far prettier and higher quality than anything they have seen before.

Here are a couple of photos of our ZAYA Moissanite® up close, so you can see the quality of them as well. This is our Hollywood Round, it's a custom cut that we developed, a sexy blend of a round brilliant and an Old European cut round.

ZAYA Moissanite Hollywood Round
ZAYA Moissanite Hollywood Round Close Up


In summary, when shopping for moissanite and gemstone jewelry, be sure to pay attention to the prices, you will know right out of the gate without even seeing the stone(s) the approximate quality that it is, and machine cut vs hand cut. This includes finished jewelry as well. If you see a $200 gold and moissanite ring on Etsy, there is a reason the price is so low. Machine cut gemstones, mass produced pieces, subpar casting, stone setting and finishing. I've seen some engagement ring bands that were so delicate and narrow, if you sneezed in the general direction of a ring like that, it would bend. lol

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