Times They Are A Changin’ – Engagement Ring Trends

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As we are rocking along in 2018, Colleen, Kerry and I are seeing some cool transitions in engagement ring trends. Many of our clients are on the younger side (at least compared to me, ahem) and we find ya'll absolutely keep an eye on what's trending, it's all kinds of awesome. For the last several years, one of our most popular styles primarily included a delicate diamond shank with a big ass center stone. Thankfully with moissanite a big ass center is totally doable. (ballin' on a budget!) This style of engagement ring, like our ever popular Shay ring, looks beautiful stacked with narrow mixed bands. By mixed we are talking about stacking a few different styles, different metals, or both. It's a cool modern look, definitely not your Mom's wedding set. 

Another style we sold quite often was a big yummy solitaire, perfect for stacking with bling bands. Our Katya ring is a beautiful example of that style, with a sweeping trellis style setting.

Yellow Gold is Hot

There are a couple of changes coming en vogue that I am super stoked about. The first is yellow gold, it's gaining ground in popularity after white metals have been the front runner for many years. We saw yellow gold first coming back early last year in fashion jewelry - especially in delicate layered necklaces and mixed sets of stacking rings. Now we are finding yellow gold is growing in popularity with engagement rings and other fine jewelry. We do consistently sell some rose gold pieces, it's a gorgeous color, but we find yellow is a bit ahead in the popularity contest between the two. Madison is a sweet new engagement ring style in our shop, and I love it with a big delicious asscher cut center.

Two Tone is Sexy Again

The next trend we are seeing are more requests for two tone rings, typically a yellow gold shank with a white gold head. The white gold prongs blend with near colorless and colorless moissanite or diamonds, so they aren't as noticeable. Leans towards that look of, "make it look like my stone is floating". Two tone rings were fairly popular about 20 years ago and they are coming back. I find trends always work their way back around, fashion is very cyclical. In the mid 90's (before some of ya'll were even born) I was wearing high waisted jeans and crop tops, and now they are back! I however, will be passing on that particular trend this go around. 

Longer is Better

Last up, and this is super fun, are the shapes people are leaning towards lately. In the recent past, our most popular shapes were rounds and square cushions. Now we are finding radiant cuts and elongated cushions are surging in popularity. Ovals are as well. We love an oval moissanite in a setting with a vintage vibe, like our supa sexy Annette ring. Radiants and e-cushions look especially amazing in a 3 stone ring. Rounds are classically beautiful and will always be, er, around, but it's fun to see some elongated shapes gaining ground, especially when flanked by trapezoids or trillions.

How Big is Too Big?

Interestingly enough, our most popular carat size for an engagement is 2 carats. A few go smaller, and many go larger. Some wayyy larger. How about a 10.5 carat cushion? Did you know we can cut any shape moissanite, in any size? If you want a 15 or 20 carat monster just let us know. The big ones are fun to play with. Mm-hmm, I said it.

As I wrote about in Carat Size - How Big Can You Handle It? we find our clients want to balance a big delicious stone that will garner ya some attention, while still keeping it believable. No one wants to be getting the side eye, amiright?

We can also source champagne and green moissanite now, any shape or size. I'm having some champagne cut as we speak, will share on Instagram once they come in. I've seen samples and they are gorg!

You Do You, Baby

Something to keep in mind, while the new styles we are talking about are quite fabulous, a big ass center/diamond shank ring or a halo engagement ring (like our sweet Anya) are still gorgeous. So are white metals like platinum and white gold. This is all about what is beautiful to you. Bottom line is, all of what is trending or hot is fine, but you gotta roll with something that makes you smile. It's totally personal preference. Go with your gut. If you were initially drawn to a big yummy halo, or a big ass center on a delicate diamond shank, then rock that shit with a big ol' grin. Trends are just that, trends. They are fun to watch, but you should follow your heart. There is something to be said for bucking the trends, because being unique - being you - is what's it's all about, bitches.

Below is a 10.5 carat (13mm!) ZAYA cushion cut next to a 2 carat cushion cut. I couldn't get the 10 carat to stand up straight on my gem board, so I finally gave up and just said F... it, nobody will notice anyway. (...and now that I pointed it out, well, yeah, maybe I shouldn't have said anything. *snort*)

ZAYA Cushion 10.5 Carats

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  1. Jeweler's Granddaughter
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    I forgot to mention why two tone is so special to me now! Our wedding bands were white gold, of course, then being the matchy-matchy days of wedding rings. I liked them – he liked them – why not? Turns out two days later, we found out “why not!” He’s allergic to white gold! ? Who knew? So, he couldn’t wear it, and we couldn’t afford to go buy new ones two days after the wedding! So, being practical, and him not being allowed to wear it on his job as a Heavy Equipment mechanic, it just sort of got put on the back burner for about ten years! We decided after that long, to replace them with a yellow gold set of bands for our anniversary. That left me with my diamond set in white gold, which did not match. And even though I’m not a trend follower, there’s still a place in my soul for tradition. And, tradition said your wedding band matches your wife’s wedding band, therefore her engagement ring must match HER wedding band! So, after doing more careful shopping and comparing, and finding a gorgeous ring on sale for half price, and then having them remove their center stone, and put mine in – another half price break! – my diamond got reset into a beautiful new setting, of a yellow gold cathedral style mounting with eight diamonds on the two sides of the cathedrals – 4 on each side. And a tall 6 prong white gold head. Two tone gold! I love it even more, because the mount makes the diamond “POP” more! And the bead sets on the cathedrals let those diamonds add to the sparkle. Its too bad I can’t add a photograph here to show it. That’s where the two tone gold comes in, as well as over the last 25 years, I have been collecting rings I love. I now have a 100-ring capacity box FULL! To overflowing actually, as many of them are doubled up, and a few tripled. Just a few good real diamonds, but all carats of white and yellow gold, sterling and Argentium Silver, and a few platinum pieces, with lots of different color gems too. Its my treasure chest, so to speak. Love it!

  2. John Mike
    | Reply

    Very interesting information!!

  3. Annys Jewelers
    | Reply

    Informative article ! There are few trends that which will continue to gain momentum till the end of the year. Engagement rings trends do change every year and to be unique we should follow them.

    • Jen Hollywood-Showell
      | Reply

      Thank you, and I wholeheartedly agree!

      • Jeweler's Granddaughter
        | Reply

        Hello! I am reading through some older posts, and like them all very much. Especially love the image of the moissanite version of the beautiful “Meghan” ring! It just speaks volumes to me, in terms of its elegant simplicity, and it’s yellow-white two tone magic! I was hoping to find some text here about it, but I imagine it fell into both the two tone conversation, and the (slightly) elongated cushion cut center stones. I will go back further and keep looking though. I rarely – if ever – give up on my search! (I used to work in surgery, and that “never give up” attitude actually saved a life, thus helping to eventually create several more, years ago! I’ve always been proud of that, actually, although I almost never mention it.)

        Anyway, I will keep reading. You’ve addressed a few issues near and dear to my heart here, including the yellow-white two tone, cushion cut stones, and being true to yourself and doing what makes your heart sing and your face smile. If the ring on your hand doesn’t put the smile on your face and the song in your heart, then it’s not the RING for you!

        I am not a trend follower. Way back when – in 1975, actually – yellow gold was THE only metal it seemed for wedding jewelry. Except maybe the prongs to set the diamonds in – those were always white. Unless your boy had deeeep pockets, and you got platinum. Which of course only carried within its prongs the best quality stones. You dont put junk diamonds in platinum. At least they didnt then.

        Of course, nobody was selling “junk” diamonds back then, like there seem to be so much of these days! So hiding the yellow in badly colored diamonds wasn’t really an issue, as they weren’t offered. No store would sell them! Not even in the “Bargain” rings for the high school crowd.

        Yes, I said the high school crowd. Three of my friends were sporting smallish diamond solitaires after Christmas Break our Senior year! And a Junior friend of mine showed up after Valentine’s Day with hers! Nobody “had to get married,” as nobody having to do that had cash for diamonds – it went for A single plain gold band, and baby clothes, diapers, stroller, and crib. And the doctor.

        Anyway, the weddings all came after graduation, except for one friend, who actually showed up wearing a wedding ring the beginning of Senior year! Nothing “going on” – they just decided to get married that summer, and he was old enough to be working and supporting her in adequate fashion while she finished school. Her parents were good with it, and then who’s going to say anything? They are the ONLY couple I know who got married (in our “group”) besides myself of course, who are still together! Back to rings and things…..

        Not being much of a trend follower, I had decided I liked white gold better than yellow, at a time when yellow was about all you could find! But, I stuck to my guns, and when my guy and I decided it was time, November after graduation, we went shopping together for my ring. I had already done my shopping research of course, and knew where to find what I wanted to wear. We went shopping the weekend after mid-month payday (the military pays on the 1st and the 15th – he was in the Air Force) and I made the salesman really earn his commission that evening! He first had to go find all the size 5-1/2 round brilliant white gold solitaires (I’ve never been fond of marquise cut stones – a 70’s favorite – and that was the other choice in this particular group of rings) in the carat range I requested, then I borrowed his loupe, and started eliminating any stone that had anything in it I didn’t want to wear the rest of my life! (Grandpa was a jeweler, but almost 1,000 miles away, so not a great source of rings for us at that point! But, I knew my stuff then, and still do!) Finally, while showing my fiancé what was what inside that magical magnifier, we picked out the one we wanted. There was quite a crop of them at that point, as the store had stocked up for the rapidly coming Holiday season, and these were in the sale. I didn’t see any point in spending more than necessary for a ring, and still don’t! So, we finally took care of the selection process, the paperwork process, he opened his first ever credit account, (and he had it paid off in 6 months, saving a lot of interest! Six months same as cash is quite the deal, when you keep up with your payments!) So, I got my gorgeous little white gold solitaire, we left the store with our heads spinning, and our stomachs crying out for food! Dinner was the next step, then home, to break the news to “parental units!” It was a great Holiday Season for us both! Wedding was that following July, during the Bicentennial! And again, because I’m not a “follower” we did not have a “Red, White and Blue” wedding, but a yellow, white, green and blue wedding! And in a garden, in a park, it worked out beautifully. Forty-three years later, it’s still working!

        Thanks for allowing me to tell my story, and for providing such gorgeous jewelry! My “head” is still so attuned to “Diamonds”??? that there’s a genuine “disconnect” happening when I admire your incredible work, but then look at the prices!?It’s like, this can’t be real – it must be a??typo! But, no, because of the technology?? that has blessed us with these wonderful?gems, and you with such beautiful?work, we CAN actually have our cake,?and still be able to buy our bread? too! Ain’t life grand?? ?

  4. Hubbly Boch
    | Reply

    In this post you have provided us the benefits about diamond ring and how does it work. This is really an interesting and inspirational blog. I like your blog so much.

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