What the Hell is a NEO Moissanite?

What the Hell is a NEO Moissanite?

The NEO - Diamonds From Space

What is a NEO moissanite? Ok people, listen up. These are brand new, as in, just came available to us last week! They are rumored to be quite awesome, and we'll have one mid-week to check out. Look for a video on Instagram, as when it arrives that's the first thing I'll do. This new stone is available now because the patent for manufacturing and selling moissanite expired in August 2015. This is the first moissanite alternative I've seen since that happened, so you may see others coming to market soon as well. They are a product of Wholesale Moissanite. The mastermind behind the NEO, Guy Stimpson worked for Charles & Colvard in the early days. He was one of their first salespeople, and went on to become their top European rep. He is our mad scientist of moissanite, and developed all of the cuts for the NEO.

NEO Moissanite

I haven't seen one in person yet, but here is what I know:

- I was told they don't have the color change or go "flat" in dimmer lighting - very intriguing.
- A more comprehensive warranty that covers clouding, color change and damage to the stone.
- Pricing is lower than Forever One moissanite, so they are being priced fairly.

Post your questions below in the comments, we are happy to answer them.

UPDATED 11/25/15 - Here are a few videos of the sexy new NEO moissanite for your browsing pleasure.

The NEO Moissanite Has Landed

NEO vs Forever One Moissanite

NEO vs Amora Gem

UPDATED AGAIN! 9/9/16 - Our NEO guys (#moissaniteman) have had the cuts tweaked, and the difference in the stones is INSANE. Wait till you see...

4 Carat NEO Moissanite Ideal Round Cut

Giant Delicious NEO Cushion Cut

Pop by the NEO website for details, details on their awesome warranty(it even covers chips and scratching!) and stone registration info. Visit our shop to see what delicious things we can whip up for you with the fab NEO moissanite.

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