The Time Has Come – Colorless NEO Moissanite

The Time Has Come – Colorless NEO Moissanite

NEO Moissanite

More exciting news, my loves! We received word last week from the NEO moissanite dudes (#moissaniteman) that the COLORLESS NEO IS HERE. Mm-hmm, that's right. Not in a large range of sizes yet, but that's cool! We are only going up from here.

There are mostly rounds, in a range from 4mm up to 9mm. In English, those are sizes from .23 carat up to 2.7 carats. There are some smallish cushion cuts in sizes from .57 carats up to 1.2 carats (hello cushion cut earrings!), one size of wee little hearts, and a couple of colorless NEO trillion cuts, which are a slightly rounded triangle, see photo below. Trillions make for a great side stone on either side of a round, cushion or emerald cut.

NEO moissanite is one of the 2 brands of moissanite we carry. They have the most comprehensive warranty of the bunch, and are beautiful. If you are fond of cushion cuts, and seriously, who isn't, you'll want to check out this video of a cushion cut NEO moissanite next to a diamond.

Keep in mind, with all of the gem photos we share, the lighting during the shoot, the background, and your monitor settings all play into how the stones look in each photo or video. See how the trillion cut photo below looks so different than the cushions? The trillion was shot at a trade show in Las Vegas while Colleen and I were hanging with #moissaniteman, the lighting was completely different, so the stone looks different. But, it also shows you how moissanite, and all stones to be honest, behave in varied lighting. That's why we do videos and photos on Instagram with so many different settings. We are the engagement ring goddesses, and we shall teach you all things moissanite...

Trillion Cut NEO Moissanite

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