How to Pull Off an Epic Proposal

How to Pull Off an Epic Proposal

'Round here we are always talking about the ring. The stones, the settings - it's all about the bling. But what about the proposal? Likely one of the most stressful moments in a girl or guy's life is to have to come up with a game plan, be it simple or crazy elaborate, say a few fairly intelligent words and get down on one knee. We've had a few of our clients send us their proposal videos, and they get me every time. (I didn't cry during my proposal, but I do at nearly every other one, and that my friends, is a story for another day.) To be a part of such an incredibly intimate moment in a couple's life is amazing. That you chose us to make your ring, trusting us to create a symbol of your commitment, seriously man, it's just killer, and we love that shit. (I can't get too sappy, c'mon.)

Here is one of our fav proposal videos, grab a tissue, can't take the sweetness! 

(Actually - we are working on figuring out how to post the video here in our new website. As soon as we figure it out, you will have a video to enjoy! lol)

Epic Proposal Tips

  1. Chat with his/her friends and family, to find out the deets on what ring they may want. Figure out how to use Pinterest and look that shit up. Then buy it from us. ;)
  2. Once you get the ring, guard that sucker like your life depends on it.
  3. Have a chat with his/her parents. Old school, but key.
  4. Grow a beard. (Oh wait, that's only if you are proposing to me. *snort*)
  5. Don't ask the question if you don't know the answer.
  6. Only go public if it's a lock.
  7. You do not need to drop a lot of cash for an epic proposal. Put some thought into it, and boom.
  8. Practice, out loud. Yeah, you'll look like a fool doing it, but practice makes perfect and you don't wanna call her Jen if her name is Jan.
  9. Take a knee. Corny? Yes. Romantic? Abso-frickin-lutely.
  10. Breathe. There is a chance you are gonna fuck it up, and that's ok. They love you (see #5), and if you really fuck it up, have a laugh, stand back up and plant a big juicy one on him/her.
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