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5 Things You Should Know About Supernova Moissanite


This blog post was written many, many moons ago. We carried Supernova for several years, they had very pretty stones and the company is owned by a lovely family in Australia. That said, we ended up phasing them out for several reasons. The shipping from AU to the US was quite steep, especially as often as we were ordering them. And they don't have a warranty, I find our customers prefer moissanite that comes with a warranty. We were (and still are) honored to be their first ever worldwide retailer, and we truly enjoyed selling them while we did.


1. It's a moissanite, too.

What is a SUPERNOVA Moissanite? The SUPERNOVA is a new moissanite available now, and we are SUPER excited (see what I did there?) to be the first retailer on the planet to sell them! They are gorgeous, and are being cut in a huge array of sizes. Plus, we can also get custom cuts, so if you were interested in, say, a 12 carat emerald cut let us know, we gotcha covered.

You'll see many new types of moissanite coming to market this year and into the future - it's likely going to get very confusing for all of us. We have done the research and chosen the best of the best moissanite to carry in our shops, so all of the moissanite brands we sell are absolutely tops, in quality, clarity and color.

2. They rock.

The SUPERNOVA is colorless, meaning they are D-F in color. Moissanite is a very durable material for a man-made stone, at 9.25 on the mohs hardness scale. That makes them harder than a sapphire or ruby, and second only to diamond, so these stones will stand up to a lifetime of adventures. Or chillin' out, if that is more your thang. They have excellent clarity - their cuts were all developed by an engineer at Moissanite International, so you know they are spot on.

SUPERNOVA Loose Stones

3. They are big. And small.

The SUPERNOVA moissanite comes in a huge range of cuts(shapes) and sizes - if you'd like a funky anniversary band with a bunch of pear cuts, a delicious but not too big 3 carat oval, or a whopping 9 carat emerald cut, we've got all those, and more. If you want a custom cut stone in a size we don't typically offer, let us know, we can do that, too. Like twenty carats. Ain't no joke.

4. They are fairly priced.

As new moissanites continue to flood the market, you'll find pricing will be all over the place - a higher price does not necessarily mean higher quality. Some pricing examples: a SUPERNOVA 1 carat round will run ya $440, and a 2 carat round $925, 3 carat is $1,410. The fancy cuts are a bit higher but still a fab price, especially when compared to a diamond. A 2 carat cushion cut will run $1,440, a 2.46 carat emerald cut $1,660, a 2.7 carat asscher $1,520.

Let's price out a monster, shall we? A 7 carat oval will run $5,490. To compare, a 5 carat H color, SI1 oval cut diamond - that's much lower color and clarity than the SUPERNOVA - would run around $120,000. You know, give or take. So $24,000 PER CARAT. Alrighty then.

5. They are Australian.

The SUPERNOVA hails from down unda, and they are manufactured by Moissanite International. The folks who developed these beautiful stones have been selling moissanite for many years, so they know their stuff. They are the only manufacturer that has all the magic happening under one roof - they formulate their own pure Silicon Carbide powder, grow the material, cut the rough and then the jewels with 65 on-site cutters. Pretty awesome. They will only be selling these stones to the trade - meaning you can purchase them through us here at JHD, or if you happen to swing by Sydney, Australia, you can visit their flagship retail store. G'day!

We will be adding all kinds of beautiful rings, earrings and other bits featuring the SUPERNOVA in the coming months. Any of our current pieces can also be set with them. For the short term, turnaround time is longer for a SUPERNOVA moissanite engagement ring or pendant. They are working hard and cutting stones like mad, to increase their stockpile of gems. Our typical engagement ring turnaround is 4-6 weeks, for a SUPERNOVA ring, it will be closer to 8, at least for the short term. The nice thing is, once they pack up and ship us a parcel, it arrives within 3-4 days! We feel these beauties are worth the wait.

Also, keep an eye out for several (rather awesome) giveaways featuring our beautiful jewelry, with the new SUPERNOVA moissanite. 

These are exciting times in the world of moissanite! And overwhelming. Stick with us, we'll sort it out together.

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