Our Little Genius

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My 3 year old son has the vocabulary of a grown man.  He regularly blurts things out that completely crack us up.  You’ll find some of his antics here along with mis-adventures of my daughter, husband and of course, myself.

Here are a few laughs from the recent past:

~ My older daughter Maya was quizzing me on astronomy.  I answered ‘meteorite’ to one of her questions, and Addy hollered, “No!  Meteor-LEFT!”

~ In the thick of football season, my little guy had learned our Eagles chant. “E! L! D! D! E! L! P! G!  Go EAGLES!”

~ Recently my little guy, now 3.5yo, wanted to get out the paints.  I told him that we couldn’t paint right now since I was in the middle of something, because he needs supervision.  He thought about it for a minute, turned to me and waved an imaginary magic wand.  He blurted, “Zap!  Now YOU have super vision.”

~ Last week we made chicken on the grill. Addy spotted it on the counter and asked what was all over it. I told him it was seasoning. He said, “But I don’t LIKE sneez-ning!”. I told him neither do we.

~ A while back we had Addy’s 3rd year checkup.  Once we got to the exam room there was a doctor’s stool on wheels.  Addy climbed on up on it, sat down and said he was the doctor.  So I asked him a few questions as if I was a patient and then I asked him what he was doing next.  He said, “I’m going to a meeting with other little doctors like me”.

~ My husband Charles was walking around without his shirt on the other day.  Addy asked, “Daddy, are you going commando?”

~ The other day I bought a pineapple.  Addy spotted it and asked if he could have some.  I told him we had to wait for it to ripen.  He waited 2 seconds and said, “Is it ready now?”.  I said no, not yet.  Two seconds later he asked, “How about now?”

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