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At JHD, you'll find gorgeous handmade jewelry. Moissanite engagement rings, diamond engagement rings, beautiful solid gold wedding bands, anniversary bands, and diamond stud earrings. In the coming months you'll find many new handmade jewelry items here, and in the meantime, if you'd like a quote on a pair of diamond earrings or a wedding band, let me know. My prices are excellent compared to your local jewelry store, and if they aren't, tell me and I'll try my best to beat 'em.

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5 Carat Forever Brilliant Moissanite

About Moissanite

Moissanite is a man-made gem that was born from a meteorite. The meteorite hit our planet over 50,000 years ago in Arizona, U.S., the area where it hit is now called Meteor Crater. This gem was discovered by Henry Moissan, and about 100 years ago it was named after him by a Tiffany & Co. gemologist.

Impossible to Resist

They are more brilliant than a diamond, cost 1/10th the amount, and are harder than sapphire and emerald, second only to diamond. Read more about this gorgeous eco-friendly stone here (page coming soon with all the wonderful details on moissanite).