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As you may have noticed while browsing around my site, things look like they’ve gone a bit awry, to put it mildly. I’m working on setting up an online store here, in addition to my Etsy online store, and as with all major website updates, it’s proving a bit challenging. Please don’t be alarmed, I

Not Enough Fingers


I’m slowly getting better at photographing my work, and staging up several rings at once usually results in a great photo. These are some of my latest pieces – the oval ring(also known as my echo ring) has hand melted 14k yellow gold nuggets, each one represents someone special in my life – it’s a

The Ryder Ring in 14k Rose Gold


A sexy ring for your man – a gorgeous thick solid gold band, a sleek ring in a modern metal – 14k rose gold. It’s 5mm wide, and 1mm thick, a very substantial piece, made to last a lifetime. The gold used in this ring is from my favorite metals vendor, and it’s 100% recycled.

Sterling Crown Rings VIEW MORE

Some Recent Deliciousness

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Killer New Dad (or Old Dad) Ring


I’m so exited about this piece. A solid sterling ring, hand stamped with your crazy kids names around it. I can fit several on there (3 shown). Or a short quote, or your wifes name or a special date. Anything really. It’s here in my shop.

It’s GOLD!


What a seriously exciting thing, to actually MAKE a ring out of solid gold. Especially from 14k rose gold, which is my favorite metal(for now). I couldn’t believe I did it, and it fit! Wanna buy one? See how much? Off you go…

First Gemstone Ring


Well here it is. My very first, completely handmade by me, gemstone ring. I read two books and watched three hundred YouTube videos to learn how to do this. Not bad for a first try, although it’s ridiculously too small for any normal person’s finger. Only $68, view details here.

Playing with Fire


So I am now playing with fire. Literally. For several years I’ve wanted to learn how to solder, but having a big tank in my house with a regulator, along with chaining the whole thing to my desk sorta scared me off. So I bought a small butane microtorch. I was terrified of it at

Find Me On Instagram


Are you on Instagram? It’s rather awesome. I use it to share pics of my work, random food(Instagramers are always taking pics of their food, it’s funny stuff), beauty outside, and occasionally my crazy family. ~ Find me on Instagram here ~

As Seen In…


I’ve been meaning to set up a page that shows some of the fab blogs and websites that have featured my work. I haven’t quite gotten to it yet, but I thought at least I’ll share them here for the moment. – sterling silver golf marker http://www.petsugar.com3 – mod pet tag, featured right at