Hello love! Welcome to moissanite utopia. J Hollywood Designs is a place where you can delight in beautiful jewels, learn about our delicious stones, and have a few laughs along the way. We take a let your hair down approach around here, so put on a fab lip color (I wanna see that juicy pout), fluff up your hair, don those sexy-comfy pj's, and jump in.

JHD sells only the best of the best moissanite, we chose a select few brands after doing extensive research (like rolling around in them). NEO Moissanite and ZAYA Moissanite are our favs.

The Latest

Where Should I Buy a Moissanite Engagement Ring?
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FROM US. HERE’S WHY. You know how companies who are trying to sell you stuff always talk AT you, and not to you? Promises of the VERY best prices, the MOST amazing products, sale, sale, sale. Get it before it’s gone! *sigh* Occasionally I’ll see an advertisement that catches my attention, but otherwise it’s just the same ‘ol shit. We’d like to … Read More

How To Pull Off an Epic Proposal
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‘Round here we are always talking about the ring. The stones, the settings – it’s all about the bling. But what about the proposal? Likely one of the most stressful moments in a guy’s life is to have to come up with a game plan, be it simple or crazy elaborate, say a few fairly intelligent words and get down … Read More

Moissanite vs. Diamond – Can You Tell the Difference?
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Hey hot stuff! Moissanite is going mainstream, and you, my sweet, are in on the ground floor. The Today Show just did a piece on moissanite, and they called it a GAME CHANGER. Mm-hmm, you heard that right. Sooooo, you can spend $23,000 for a diamond engagement ring that is a bit pricey (#understatementoftheyear) and isn’t conflict-free, or you can … Read More