Amora Gem is a brilliant alternative to diamond. We've been working with these beautiful stones for several years now, and we are very happy with the color and fire of them. They are graded like a diamond, so you know exactly what you are getting with cut, color and clarity.

The Scoop

From Better Than Diamond's website: Amora Gem is the world's newest gem and the most brilliant member of the 200+ member silicon carbide family. While diamond is composed of 100% carbon, Amora Gem is 50% carbon and 50% silicon.

For the first time ever in human history, Amora is now available as a gem on planet Earth. (Too much? Ahem.) While diamond has previously been the most desirable gem, the Amora surpasses diamond in every aspect of optical beauty and strength.

Amora displays 10% more brilliance than diamond, greater physical stability, higher color grade than most diamonds, and over 200% more fire(I know, right?!). Whether grown on Earth or in nature as stardust, Amora is formed in temperature extremes that would vaporize diamond. Amora will be on exhibit at the Hungarian Natural History Museum alongside Jack Hills Zircon, the oldest crystals on planet earth at 4.4 Billion years old. The display is titled "The Oldest and The Newest" crystals on the planet.

And, get this, all Amora H&A's are cut exclusively by robot, another industry first, to deliver super-human precision and unrivaled beauty. Seriously, how cool is that?

The first larger Amora Gem now graces the finger of a former Miss America.

Compared to Diamonds

• D, E and F color — better color than most diamonds
• More brilliant than diamond
• More fire than diamond
• Greater physical stability and tougher than diamond
• Hearts and arrows precision — better cutting than 99% of all round diamonds
• Greater purity than diamond — atomically, ethically, environmentally
• Scores significantly better in the 5th C — Cost, oftentimes 40:1 better pricing for comparable color, carat weight and clarity. So that means, they are WAY cheaper than a diamond.

Much, much rarer than diamond, Amora Gem previously only existed around large carbon-rich stars, unavailable to any humans on Earth for over four billion years. Now that Amora is grown in a lab (by said humans) in creating star-like conditions, the total production is a small fraction of the annual mining output of natural diamonds.

Live Inventory

We aren't done messing around with this live inventory feed. For now, if you click the button below you'll see a list of gems that are available as-of-this-very-moment, but it's not totally ready for prime time. We are planning on getting it set up so you can search on the different cuts and sizes and then purchase them here, so that is in the works. Amora Gem prices are set in stone (pardon the pun), so if you purchase one from Better Than Diamond or from us, the price will be exactly the same. We suggest you shop with us, since we are funnier and have loads of gorgeous rings and other beauties we can whip up for you.