Where Should I Buy a Moissanite Engagement Ring?

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You know how companies who are trying to sell you stuff always talk AT you, and not to you? Promises of the VERY best prices, the MOST amazing products, sale, sale, sale. Get it before it's gone! *sigh* Occasionally I'll see an advertisement that catches my attention, but otherwise it's just the same 'ol shit. We'd like to have a chat about why you should shop with us, rather than somewhere else.

JHD is a woman-run badass online jewelry store. We have more moissanite knowledge than most of the retailers out there - how do you think I earned the nickname Queen of Moissanite? Engagement Ring Goddess is another fun name one of our fans came up with, that one made me smile. K, getting sidetracked, anyway, we love teaching people about our stones and cuts, settings, and jewelry design in general. An example – a very popular setting these last few years is a narrow diamond ring band (shank) with a monster rock on top. Sounds delicious, amiright? (Side note: A setting like that looks killer layered with mixed bands.) On that popular ring design, we will only go so thin on the shank, otherwise you are more likely to lose those tiny diamonds, not to mention a few good knocks and that shank is out of round (also known as bent all to hell). Engagement rings take a beating, so keep that in mind. Jewelry design is a fine line between design and engineering. Beauty and strength. Can we make you pretty much anything? Absolutely. Would we suggest pushing the boundaries of the metal and risk having you pissed at us in a few years because you knocked the head off your ring or the shank is all f-ed up cuz you went rock climbing with your 4 carat NEO. (don't do that.) Nope. We’ll steer you in the right direction – so you end up with a stunning engagement ring, pendant, you name it, that will make you grin every time you see it, AND that piece will hold up over time. Yup, we’re that good.



Did you know, we have warranties on our stones and our jewelry? Our NEO moissanite has the best warranty on the market, it covers color changes and clouding, as well as chips and scratches. Our ZAYA moissanite warranty covers color changes and clouding. But ya gotta register the stones, people! Only takes a hot minute, so do it. Our jewelry has a one year workmanship (workwomanship, actually) warranty, so if you have any issues within 12 months of purchase, reach out and let us know. We’ll evaluate your piece and correct any issues for no charge. That’s assuming you hadn’t gone rock climbing and knocked the fuck out of it. We can tell.

We’ve been selling these gorgeous gems for almost 5 years now, and we were researching them for several years prior. The only thing I don’t love about moissanite is the name, gotta be honest. And if you Google the word moissanite, usually the word moist pop up at the top of the search results – not my favorite word, by any stretch. #ShhhDontSayMoist



You may have noticed, we don’t sell every brand of moissanite out there, or 3 million different types of gemstones and jewelry styles. We prefer to do a few things exceptionally well, rather than selling everything under the sun. There are a lot of moissanite brands out there now that the gemstone patent has expired (back in 2015), and every month more are coming to market. We are peppered with emails from around the world, from moissanite vendors trying to get us to evaluate and sell their stones. Most of them start out their messages with “Dear Sir”. Not a wise move, considering I’m clearly not a man.

We chose a few select brands of moissanite to sell, the best of the best. The best cuts, clarity, color, and manufacturer and distributor support – which likely doesn’t seem relevant to you, perhaps, but it should – if we get kickass support from our manufacturers and distributors – you get the gorgeous stones and jewelry you want more quickly and at a better price.

NEO Moissanite


You’ll find that when you reach out to us, sometimes it takes a few days for us to respond. Curious why? We spend a lot of time educating our clients, chatting them up, discussing favorite wines, and shooting the shit. Truth. There is a bit of chit chat, but also a good amount of time spent working with each client. This isn’t Amazon Prime folks, and all of our pieces are custom made for you, cut and carat size, preferred metal, ring size, shank width and more - such things take time. Plus, because we are so much fun and do such a killer job, our company is growing like crazy.


We often we have clients that come to us with lowball quotes from other jewelers that are trying to keep up with us, wondering if we’ll be able to match their pricing, or perhaps come close. We work hard to keep our prices as competitive as possible - and we keep an eye on the competition - but when you sell gems and jewelry as badass as ours, you might pay a bit of a premium for it. Who wants a clearance-rack engagement ring...I mean seriously people, this is an investment in your future.

Now, don't you want a super sexy moissanite ring designed by us? Mm-hmm, I thought so. I’m all about shopping around for a good deal, getting free shipping and whatnot, but when it comes to an engagement ring or other fine jewelry, we feel purchasing a quality piece from a reputable (not to mention cheeky) woman-run small business is the way to go. Plus, if you’re local (or not!), we’ll take ya out for drinks…hell, we’ll even come to your wedding! Colleen, Kerry and I are trouble on the dance floor, tho, gotta warn ya. #LookOutBoys

So there ya go, it seems, from where we're sitting, you are definitely gonna want to shop with us. Don’t say we didn’t warn ya.

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  1. Hey Wendy! I responded earlier today via Facebook. 😀 Thanks!

  2. wendy xie
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    I want an Moissanite diamond ring ,can you talk with me on facebook or wechat

    facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Passionebikewendy

    wechat : xiewenhuismile

    china block whatsapp . which country are you located , I can give my friend’s address in your country so you can ship to him ,shipping address is not a problem


  3. Jen Hollywood-Showell
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    Sandi! Seriously, your comment made my day. Actually my week, so thank you! <3 Moissanite is awesome for upgrading a ring, I know I did. lol It is scary and overwhelming purchasing an engagement ring, or any fine jewelry online, sight unseen. That's why we try so hard to teach people about the stones, good and bad, so you end up with something you absolutely love. Makes for less returns for us, too! hahaha

  4. Sandi
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    I absolutely love your posts!!!!! Although I’m not shopping for an engagement ring but more of an upgrade to my engagement ring, you’re spot on! Who wants bargain basement? I think people are drawn to you….I know I am. There’s piece of mind in that, especially when purchasing something so special and intimate on-line. CHEERS!

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