NEO moissanite – cushion cut, loose stone



Meet the NEO moissanite cushion, it’s colorless, fiery and at this price, how could you say no?

Shown here in a cushion, this moissanite cut was developed by our #MoissaniteMan to minimize light dispersion, which cuts down on the disco-ball effect that some folks don’t like in other moissanite brands. This cushion is E-F in color, and VS1 in clarity.

Here is a video from our Instagram feed, so you can see one in action.

Note: We will be selling other loose stones in the coming months, it just takes a while to get them all added to our online store. If you’d prefer a different cut, please touch base for pricing.

This listing is for one loose cushion NEO moissanite, select your preferred size from the drop down menu.

Sizes available are:

.5 carats up to 6.7 carats.



  • This listing is for one loose cushion NEO moissanite, select your preferred size at checkout. Stone will arrive with certificate of authenticity/limited lifetime warranty card. The NEO warranty has the most awesome warranty you’ll find on a moissanite.
  • Once payment is received, your stone will ship out within 1-2 weeks. Most likely closer to 1. *grin*
  • With this purchase, you are in agreement with our policies regarding loose stone purchases.



NEO is a very sexy moissanite. Gorgeous, high clarity, near colorless and also now colorless stones. Downright delish. These beautiful stones are now available in a diamond cut round, a round brilliant, cushion, emerald and many other delectable shapes.

The NEO is grown and faceted in a way that allows us to create the exact look that our clients are looking to mimic. It does not go flat in dimmer lighting, and has very diamond-like behavior. NEO moissanite is the true conflict-free and ethical option in today’s market. The NEO warranty is not limiting. It is far superior in that it offers its own exclusive damage replacement. #boom

While rare on Earth, the NEO is remarkably common in space. It is a common form of stardust found around carbon-rich stars. The NEO is a 4H crystalline polytype, which allows for the cleanest and purest colorless rough crystal growth. (#GemNerd) The 4H crystal outperforms the 6H polytype currently used in the market today.

Read about the mastermind behind the NEO, Guy Stimpson – here



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