forever brilliant moissanite 2 carat stud earrings

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A simple elegant 3 prong martini style stud earring. Forever Brilliant moissanites, 6.5mm across, each is one full carat, so 2 carats of stunning gems. They ship within 1-2 weeks.


Forever Brilliant 2 Carat Stud Earrings – Gorgeous stud earrings, set with round Forever Brilliant moissanites. The stones are 6.5mm across, each is one carat, so TWO full carats of sparkle. Set in 14k white gold. A seriously fabulous gift.

Note – In the photos, the 3 prong earrings are the item you’ll receive. I didn’t have a good photo of those, and I wanted you to see how gorgeous Forever Brilliant’s are, so the “real” photos here are of earrings with 4 prongs, you’ll receive settings with 3 prongs as stated.

Moissanite is a man made eco-friendly stone that is more brilliant than diamond and 1/10th the price. It’s born from a meteorite that hit the Earth in Arizona. Yup, I’m dead serious. Forever Brilliants have been known to fool trained jewelers, they thought it was a diamond.

All Charles & Colvard created moissanite earrings will arrive with a limited lifetime warranty.

<> These 14k gold earrings can be set with nearly any stone, any size. So if you’d prefer sapphires or diamonds, or another gem, you have only to ask. For size, we can go a bit bigger, or a lot bigger, just drop me a line and I’ll price them out for you. With moissanite, you can go crazy and still stick to your budget.

MSRP $905.00

<> Your earrings will arrive in a beautiful gift box.

<> Orders take approximately 1-2 weeks.

1 review for forever brilliant moissanite 2 carat stud earrings

  1. Celina

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