3 carat lab grown diamond engagement ring



At the center of this fabulous ring is a super sexy 3 carat lab grown diamond. The intertwined (like your love, awww tee hee) ring bands have 2 rows of tiny diamonds dancing around your finger. Jeez, I am in rare form today. lol

Lab grown diamond (s) are wildly popular, and for good reason. They are chemically and optically the same as a mined diamond, but are 40%-60% less. We have been selling more and more of them lately. Round lab grown diamonds are the most popular shape, while emerald cuts and ovals are next in line, popularity wise.

Here are several videos of our sexy ass lab grown diamonds.



One round 9.33×9.38mm (3.01 carats) G color, VS2 clarity, excellent cut, polish and symmetry.

Fifty-two 1mm G VS2 matching round diamonds in the band.

[[—– NEED TO KNOW —–]]

Available in sizes 4-10, including half and quarter sizes. All larger sizes are available for an additional $75.

We highly recommend getting sized by a jeweler prior to making your purchase.

Orders take approximately 5-6 weeks, if stones are in stock, closer to 8 if we need to have them cut for you.

Will arrive in a beautiful jeweler’s ring box.

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