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eliza custom design
Custom Design Deposit

This listing is for a custom design deposit. It's non-refundable, but can be applied towards any purchase within 12 months.

not rated $150.00
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Oval Moissanite
NEO moissanite – oval cut, loose stone

Meet the NEO moissanite, it's near colorless, fiery and at this price, how could you say no?

not rated $335.00$760.00
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loose emerald moissanite
SUPERNOVA moissanite – emerald cut, colorless loose stone

Introducing the fabulous colorless SUPERNOVA emerald cut. Yes, you read that right. It's colorless.

not rated $40.00$7,840.00
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round moissanite tilt
NEO moissanite – diamond cut round loose stone

The round diamond cut, was developed to minimize light dispersion, which cuts down on the “disco-ball” effect.

not rated $175.00$2,690.00
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