Jen’s jewelry fetish began when she was young, and her style evolved as she got older (well hello Tiffany’s, so lovely to meet you…). During her time as a stay at home mom with her daughter, she took a random jewelry class at a local bead store and loved it, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Today Jen is a jewelry design who is so successful in moissanite sales that she is often referred to within the industry as the “Queen of Moissanite”.

Jen says, ” Moissanite is such an awesome diamond alternative, that I actually fooled 2 diamond dealers with my emerald cut engagement ring while in vacation in Cancun. I was in the pool, perhaps with a Corona in hand, and a guy came over and complimented me on my ring. I said thanks, let him check it out and then told him it was a moissanite. He was floored. He called over his wife, and she checked it out too, couldn’t believe it. We hung out, had a beer and he kept shaking his head and looking at my ring, he couldn’t believe how pretty it was. Moissanite rocks, I’m tellin’ ya.

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