Moissanite vs. Diamond – Can You Tell the Difference?

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Hey hot stuff! Moissanite is going mainstream, and you, my sweet, are in on the ground floor. The Today Show just did a piece on moissanite, and they called it a GAME CHANGER. Mm-hmm, you heard that right.

Sooooo, you can spend $23,000 for a diamond engagement ring that is a bit pricey (#understatementoftheyear) and isn't conflict-free, or you can spend around $1,000 for a moissanite engagement ring that will fool near everyone, jewelers included. We've had clients take our rings to their local jeweler for cleaning, and the feedback we've gotten has been awesome, all those stodgy jewelers have been crazy impressed with our stones once they see them in person. It's a frickin' no brainer, I'm tellin ya.

Ah! Almost forgot, I'm curious, did you know you can purchase a loose stone from us, and have it set locally? We've even had several customers set our stones in designer settings like Tacori and Verragio. Pretty killer, wouldn't you say - you get a gorgeous designer engagement ring - with a sexy little secret. And we won't tell.

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  1. Jen Hollywood-Showell
    | Reply

    It’s likely it was a Forever One, although they didn’t mention the brand that I recall.

  2. Amy Roussin
    | Reply

    Very interesting video.. do you happen to know which moissanite stone was used?

  3. Sandi
    | Reply

    Jenn, I was drooling over those rings!!!!!

  4. Juli
    | Reply

    What is your Etsy shop called? I can’t find you?

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