Moissanite Jewelers – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

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I want to chat with ya'll today about moissanite jewelers and shopping online. It’s tricky trying to decide where to purchase your engagement ring online, cuz that shit is a big deal, yo.

Lately we've been hearing frustrating stories about some of our competitors and their approach to handling and allowing for returns when clients aren't happy with their stones or jewelry. (No, I’m not mentioning any names, c’mon now.) Then those clients found us, we took good care of them, and now they are all warm and fuzzy again.

There are a lot of online retailers that are all kinds of awesome, (including us...ahem) but there are many that are unscrupulous. We don’t mind if you purchase from us or someone else (we truly want you to be happy, I’m tellin’ ya!), but please do your research before making such a big purchase. The vendors I see playing these games say things like we have the lowest prices anywhere, no compromises, and anything can be returned no matter, but if you read the small print – and sometimes there is no small print – that isn’t necessarily the case.

Marianne Ring Set

Less is Not Always More

Bargain basement engagement ring, anyone? Guys, don't do this, if money is tight, grab a sweet little 14k promise ring (we have some beautiful ones in our Etsy shop) and then upgrade when you can. She loves you man, she'll say yes. Some folks ask us why our prices are sometimes higher than other jewelers. It’s simple, higher quality. We have vetted our moissanite brands from here to Vegas and back, and we only sell a few different types - as I’m sure you’ve noticed – those few are the most delicious, diamond-like moissanite you can get your hands on. No compromises. (hahahaha, kidding) Same goes for our settings. We have a one year workmanship warranty on all of our pieces. If you have any issues you can send it back for repair, no charge, including losing a diamond from your ring shank or halo. Now if you, say, went for a wild ride on a mechanical bull and your ring got caught in the reins, we can still fix it, but there will be a charge. And next time take it off for any more wild antics. You know what I'm talking about.

Did Someone Say Wine?

Ok, let's talk wine for a minute. I know, what does that have to do with moissanite? Stick with me, I'll tell ya. I'm not one that feels you need to splurge on wine to find a really delicious bottle. If you jump up a few bucks, with the right choice, you can go from ghastly to delectable. We are that delectable but slightly more expensive wine, a little more pricey, but sooooo worth it. #BallinOnABudget Think about a big jammy red, full-bodied with hints of cherry, chocolate and a silky mouthfeel. Sounds amazing, amiright? (Dammit, is it happy hour yet...) 

For the Love of Moissanite

And our clients! We’ve been in business for over 10 years, if you browse our reviews on Etsy, and the testimonials on our website, we’ve been making people really happy for a long ass time. And we are a woman owned business, and you guys KNOW us. We post selfies on Instagram (sometimes when tipsy, but I digress), we sign our names when we respond to you - you know exactly who you are dealing with - a small business run by women, and fueled by the love of moissanite, chocolate and wine.

We also know a lot about our stones – we have several well known industry experts in our back pocket, so when you work with us, you’ve got some seriously educated moissanite pros to guide you through. They don’t call me the Queen of Moissanite for nothin’.

We really do stand behind our products (cheesy sales speak, but it’s true), even if it means eating it financially sometimes. Funny thing is, we’ve had only a smattering of returns – because we spend a lot of time with our clients before they purchase, teaching you about the stones, our settings, and chatting about all the delicious deets that go into designing your dream ring.  

We want you guys to be happy with your jewelry and stones from us - bottom line is you all are the reason we have this business. We love moissanite, we love jewelry and we want ya’ll be to be happy with your JHD jewelry and stones.

Now grab a glass of wine (not the cheap stuff, see Did Someone Say Wine? above), and go forth and research. Read all about our ZAYA Moissanite and NEO Moissanite, and then head to our Etsy shop to check out some of our gorgeous settings. As always, Colleen, Kerry and I are here to answer your questions.

NEO Moissanite Gem Paper

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    Hi! are you still giveaway moissanite of 1.5 carat colourless, please let me know. I am interesting in 4 carat princess cut moissanite

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