Monthly Update – Press, New Supernova Moissanite, Lustour Results on the Way

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A Bit O' Press...

J Hollywood Designs is in the news, my friends! A few weeks ago we were interviewed for JCK Online, an industry trade publication. JCK is the primary sponsor and organizer of the enormous gem and jewelry show Colleen and I attended in early June. The article talks about the new moissanites coming to market now that the Charles & Colvard patent has expired. We were the only jewelry designers featured in the article, and they used our photo, a tray of delectable NEO moissanites. Speaking of the NEO, Guy Stimpson of Wholesale Moissanite, the mastermind behind the NEO was featured as well, along with some lovely folks from Australia (more on them in a moment), who own Moissanite International. Last week they cut a 20 carat round brilliant moissanite for a custom order. TWENTY carats. Twenty. Carats. OMG.

Lustour Princess Cut Moissanite

Lustour Update

So, we are still evaluating the Lustour. We've gotten a bit of info from two professors at PSU and Carnegie. We take this shit seriously, I tell ya. We also set a monster 3 carat emerald cut into a ring a few weeks ago, so I can take it for a spin, to see how it handles our adventures. Colleen gets it next! So far it's looking quite awesome (see Instagram video above). Also, in about 2 weeks we should have some additional info, after we receive the results of a laser test back from NYC. I don't love all of their cuts, so if we sell them, it'll most likely be the asscher, round, emerald, princess and radiant cut. Their cushion was our fav, but we have plenty of other yummy cushion options, so no worries there.

We accidentally "conducted" another test yesterday. I turned on the ultrasonic cleaner, also turned on the heat for extra cleaning power, and tossed my Lustour emerald cut and 2 diamond wedding bands in there - promptly forgetting about them for oh, say 4 hours. The Lustour has survived it's latest adventure. Never a dull moment. I'm so happy it didn't dissolve. lol



Supernova Moissanite

Moissanite International has an interesting stone, the SUPERNOVA. (They type it in all caps, so I'm thinking we should too. lol) At any rate, they have cut some samples for us, and they will be winging their way here from Australia next week or the following. The SUPERNOVA is colorless, and comes in SO many cuts and sizes. Like huge sizes, as seen above. #TwentyFrickinCarats We requested samples of a round, emerald, radiant, princess and maybe an oval. The price is excellent on these stones, and they have the ability to cut many, many, many carats per month. You likely wouldn't believe me if I told you the actual number. It's far more than we could use, at least for now. They also have the NOVA, which is a G-H color, so if you prefer a bit of warmth to your jewels, we gotcha covered.

THIS JUST IN: We originally needed to wait until September to sell the SUPERNOVA, we just received word, we can start tossing those beauties in our rings at anytime! So once we evaluate the samples, if they are amazing, we'll have them available for you fine people to purchase toot sweet. 

That's all for now, do keep in touch! There is always something awesome going down around here. As in, say, new tennis bracelets. Who would like a 10 carat NEO moissanite tennis bracelet?

Trillion Cut NEO Moissanite

Supernova, Trillion Cut NEO Moissanite Loose Gem

7 Responses

  1. Jenn
    | Reply

    What kind of shapes do the emeralds and ovals come in? Is it the usual 9×7, 8×6, 7×5?

    • Jen Hollywood-Showell
      | Reply

      Yup! The usual for all the moissanites. The Lustour stones as well, from what I’ve seen so far.

  2. Dana Heller
    | Reply

    The Lustour stone appears beautiful on your video, but how does it compare in cost to the Forever One?

    • Jen Hollywood-Showell
      | Reply

      Lustour is $650/carat, Forever One is less, at around $575. Prices are always changing though, as new stones come out, or if a distributor has a large stash of certain cuts and sizes they want to get rid of, we can sometimes find them for less.

  3. Lauren
    | Reply

    Will you be looking at the regular nova moissanites too? I’d be interested to see how they look in color compared to a FB.. Especially the emerald cuts.. Yum!

    • Jen Hollywood-Showell
      | Reply

      Hey Lauren! They aren’t able to cut the NOVA, their stones keep coming out too white! lol They are phasing out the NOVA for that reason, they just don’t have enough G-H color stones resulting from their beautiful cuts. I could ask if they have any, though. Email me if interested, with what stone size you’d like.

      There is the NEO moissanite – those are G-H in color and they are beautiful. Only thing is, I’m not sure when I can get an emerald cut, I’m waiting on my samples.

  4. Annalee Uebersax
    | Reply

    Whoa! This blog looks just like my old one! It’s on a totally different subject but it has pretty much the same layout and design. Great choice of colors!

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