The Stone Formerly Known As AMADA

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Shhhh...We Shall Never Speak Of This Again

Soooo, here we are. We are working on rolling out our own line of moissanite, which is pretty amazing stuff. We chose a lovely name that was short, easy to spell, and a little bit sexy. However, we need to choose a new name, as another vendor got their knickers in a twist over our original name choice. Rather than continuing our trend of pushing the limits (which I was seriously tempted to do, because, well, me), we decided it was best to choose a new, even sexier name for our specialty cut moissanite stone line. As you know, a rose by any other name will smell as sweet. And we still push the limits in other ways, don't you worry. #FoulMouthsAreTheBestKind

Colleen gets HER knickers in a twist when I drop the F-bomb on Instagram or on here (I still love her, she completes me. AND SHE SAYS IT TOO...don't let her fool ya), so tell me, do you mind a bit of adult language here and there? I do it because...

A. It's proven people who like to curse have a larger vocabulary, higher I.Q. and lower stress levels cuz they work that shit out. See, cursing is healthy.

B. It's fucking hilarious.

C. Jewelers have been known to be a stodgy bunch of commission-hungry vultures who swarm when you wander into their retail store, and we are changing the game.

Stay tuned, my loves, we'll have a hot new name very soon. In the meantime, let's call them FKAA. Formally Known As AMADA. Peace out.

Jeweler's Bench AMADA Moissanite

10 Responses

  1. Jen Hollywood-Showell
    | Reply

    Bezel would be awesome, too. I was going to do a prong set one, but maybe should do one of each!

  2. Jen
    | Reply

    An east west bezel emerald cut is my DREAM necklace… Mmm!

  3. Jen Hollywood-Showell
    | Reply

    Funny you say that! I did a ring design last night with a 9×5 emerald cut, set east west with a narrow diamond shank. I also want to take a similar size and do an east west pendant necklace too, one that sits right at the base of the neck, would be the perfect layering piece.

  4. Jen
    | Reply

    I was thinkin like a 9×6 emerald cut!

  5. Jen
    | Reply

    Out of curiosity, can you order any dimensions of these?

    • Jen Hollywood-Showell
      | Reply

      Essentially we can, however there are some guidelines we need to follow or we won’t get a beautiful result. I’ve got standard sizes in all kinds of cuts, we can stray from that but it bumps the price. What cut and carat size are you thinking about? Then I can let you know for sure. 🙂

  6. Jen Hollywood-Showell
    | Reply

    Hahaha! Cracking up. What about BAM – Bad Ass Moissanite.

  7. Stacey Dyer
    | Reply

    CASAY or MASAY (translation= Cuts As Special As You or Moissanite As Special As You). Contest over. I’ll take an 8×6 elongated now, please. LOL

  8. Jen Hollywood-Showell
    | Reply

    A few people have said that! Hmmmm…

  9. Jen
    | Reply

    You should do a contest.. Let us name it!

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