New Whiter Moissanite – Is It Possible?

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I have some exciting news to share from Charles & Colvard, the manufacturer of Forever Brilliant, my favorite moissanite stone. Next month(only a few days away!), there is a brand new gemstone coming available, called Forever One moissanite. It’s color graded D-F, which is as good as it gets, a truly colorless stone. How awesome is that? Forever Brilliant stones range in the G-H-I color range, for comparison. I have a Forever One on pre-order, a large delicious round cut, and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

The photos here show Forever Brilliant moissanite. Considering how beautiful these are, can you even imagine what Forever One will look like?

Let me know what questions you have, I’m ready to start selling these the minute they come to market!

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  1. Nikki
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    Ahhh I have been eyeing your jewels for over a year now and I am so so so happy you’re getting the forever one moissanites!!

  2. brittany bowers
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    I’ve been looking into getting a 1 or 1.5 ct moissanite stone FB or F1 (oval or emerald cut) I was wondering, which in your opinion is the most diamond like? *I know moissanite is its own stone, I love it for itself. I have read mixed reviews on moissanite which makes me uncertain.

    • Jen Hollywood-Showell
      | Reply

      Hey Brittany! In an oval or emerald cut, we’d suggest the NEO. Their diamond cut round is very diamond-like, so much so we sold one to a woman recently who works in a jewelry store. She’s setting it in a designer setting, and she sells diamond engagement rings all day. On an emerald cut, there is no Forever One available, at least yet. I’d defer to the NEO again, check ’em out on our Instagram, they are gorg too –

  3. Eunice
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