Forever One & Forever Brilliant Moissanite

Charles and Colvard was the first to patent lab-created moissanite and they were the sole distributor for 20 years. Their gorgeous stones are tried and true, beautifully cut with very high clarity and have a limited lifetime warranty. The patent has expired, so you'll see many new moissanite brands coming to market - it's going to get very confusing around here, but stick with us, we'll help you work your way through what we fondly call moissanite mania. We've been selling Forever Brilliant moissanite for years, and more recently Forever One, their new colorless moissanite.  We’ll be keeping a close eye on C&C to find out what cool things they have in store.


Forever One moissanite, C&C's newer moissanite, come in both a D-E-F color grade (colorless) and G-H-I (near colorless). Forever Brilliant moissanite has a bit of warmth, especially in dimmer lighting. They are graded H-I in color. Forever Brilliant moissanite is cut from a different type of crystal (6H) than the newer near colorless and colorless moissanite available now. The newer crystal is 4H - meaning 4 hexagons per crystal structure. This type of crystal results in a whiter stone. All of the moissanite we sell is cut from the newer 4H crystal. 


Charles & Colvard offers a limited lifetime warranty on all of their moissanite gems. It covers the optical properties of their gems, clouding, color changes, etc. Read more on C&C's warranty page.


Charles and Colvard has been the industry leader in growing and cutting moissanite for 20+ years. Did you know at least 6 people touch every stone before it heads off to it's forever home? Rumor has it they are working on a “green” certification for not only all their facilities but their headquarters as well. Anyone who goes green is rather awesome in our book.


Note: We have phased out the Forever One stones from our line-up. However, if you have your heart set on one, we can absolutely source it for you. Our goal is to make you smile every time you gaze lovingly at your new J Hollywood Designs jewelry. *grin*

Whoa. Over 10 carats of yum right here. All Forever One moissanite.

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