JHD offers custom designs. It takes a bit of time to put custom designs together, so it can take about a month or so to do the design, work up pricing, etc. Average turnaround time for fabrication is 5-6 weeks, so custom design turnaround will be closer to 8-10 weeks. We do have a huge collection of styles that are not listed in either online shop, so in some cases, if you send us a photo of a piece, we may be able to whip it up quickly, and it won't be a custom design.

All of our current ring designs can be tweaked, a narrower ring band, adding diamonds to a ring shank, as examples, for no additional charge. Fully custom designs require a non-refundable charge of $150, which can be applied towards any purchase within 12 months. Feel free to drop us an email if you have any questions regarding what's considered a custom design versus a minor tweak to a current design. 

Once you pay for your design fee, send us links to your inspiration ring. We won’t copy any other artist’s work, but will design you your very own version of your dream ring. We can also help guide you through the creative process.

Most of the time we nail it right away, but if not, we’ll tweak it up to 3 times.

Just so you know, all designs and custom designs are property of and copyrighted by J Hollywood Designs. They may be reproduced at our discretion.

Lastly, any jewelry that is custom designed is not returnable/refundable. Check out our return /refund policies on custom design orders.

CAD screenshot