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Anna Zuckerman, the owner and founder of Anna Zuckerman Luxury, hails from a family dedicated to the art of goldsmithing. After more than 20 years in the jewelry industry, Anna felt limited within the confines of traditional jewelry sales. In short, she saw a need for luxury jewelry designed for everyday lifestyles and budgets.

Her jewelry has been worn by a number of celebrities, including Carrie Underwood, Cardi B, Paula Abdul, Allie Mauzy, Matt Winkelmeyer at the MTV Music Awards, and more.

While exploring production options for her new line of jewelry, Anna researched state-of-the-art, conscientiously derived, precious metals and stones, as well as the nanotechnology behind it. She personally developed what is now known as Diamond Coated Crystalline with the manufacturing experts; a new finishing technique that truly gives lab-created jewels the same intricate beauty of diamonds, while ensuring they remain both high in quality and shockingly affordable.

We met Anna several years ago, and have been to see all of her AZL collections earlier this year. Her pieces are gorgeous and beautifully made, and they are even prettier in person than in the product photos. 

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