Amora Gem – New August Vintage Cushion

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Ooh, Shiny…

A client mentioned to me that she is interested in an August Vintage Cut, which I had never heard of, so I went hunting for some info on it. After a brief stop at Better Than Diamond, I discovered they are working on this exact cut, and it will be available in early December. Above are computer renderings of the August Vintage Cut. It has a cool vintage vibe to it, and cushion cuts are very popular, so I think it may sell quite well. What do you think? Would you consider this cut over a traditional cushion cut Amora Gem or moissanite? I like it at first glance, although I won't know for sure until I get one in hand and mess around with it.

How the name came about for the august vintage cushion cut:

August: adj 1. dignified or imposing: an august presence 2. of noble birth or high rank: an august lineage

Vintage: adj representing the high quality of a past time. vintage cars, vintage movies and gemstones.

UPDATE May 15, 2016 - The AVC has not been rolled out yet by Better Than Diamond. Their production has been slow for a while, and at the moment they are focusing on round cut amora gems. Once they have a nice re-stock of rounds, we'll begin to see fancy cuts like cushion, krupps/emerald, oval, radiant, and the long awaited AVC.

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