Here we have a collection of jewelry photos I have taken since I started this gig.  My products shots weren’t the best when I started out.  Thankfully my husband bought me a lovely camera and I have learned to use the natural light in my living room to my advantage.  My photos have a ways to go, but overall I’m very happy with the progress I’ve made since 2006.

where's the mower...

on my kitchen table...

Can’t you just picture me crouched down on my front sidewalk, without a tripod, taking this shot?  The goal here was to have the necklace with a beautiful green background.  Cloudy days do not a good photograph make.






One of my first jewelry photos.  I took this killer shot on my kitchen table.  The bracelet turned out quite nicely, but the photograph is AWFUL.


focus? what focus?


more like basket case...





Here’s another winner.  There was a period where I was shooting my jewelry on a black background, which turned out to be rather tricky, at least for me.  The jewelry always looked overexposed and I had trouble with focusing as well.






How about this one…I tried shooting my work hanging on our resin wicker outdoor chairs.  ‘Nuff said.







This shot gives you an insight into my old game plan.  Notice the cracked, stemmed plastic cups, turned upside to balance a stick just so?  I just hung those earrings right on there and away we went.  The sterling feather earrings in this shot turned out beautifully and sold fast.  I should whip up another pair and get some better photos.

adventurous staging...




This is an exciting shot of a little girls Millefiori glass bead necklace.  These were a big seller back when I first started.  This photo I took on top of a piece of slate, which I still use, but now my shots are mostly taken on an angle, with better lighting and one awesome Nikon D3000(thank you, my love).


on a branch...




Here’s a sterling mother’s bracelet.  These too were a huge seller before sterling silver prices skyrocketed.  Notice the branch again?  Can’t see the plastic cups this time, though.





This walk down memory lane was fun(at least for me)…I had a good time digging through my old photos.  In all, I have 2,228 photos of jewelry stored on my computer.  Whoa.  I was concerned about said computer going on the blink and losing all of my jewelry and family photos, but I recently started using SugarSync – it’s a cloud-based backup system that’s free if you need 5GB or less of storage.  Good stuff.

Now, why don’t you head over to my Etsy shop and see how nice all of my new photos are?

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