2016 – What a Wild Ride This Has Been

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Oh man, 2016 has been a wild ride. This time of year I like to take stock of things, personally and professionally, while catching up with friends, attending holiday parties where people still think it's ok to wear an ugly Christmas sweater - good Lord people for all that is holy please stop doing this - and shopping online to avoid the crowds.

My fam and I also decided it was time to pick up and move to a fab new house we found last summer, so we are knee deep in open houses, home inspections and all of the joy that selling your house and buying another brings, right at Christmas and in the middle of our holiday rush. Not my best idea, but it'll all be worth it in the end, right? Please tell me moving in my mid-ahem-40's wasn't a bad idea and that I'll have a mortgage until I'm OMG WHAT HAVE WE DONE.

But, I gotta tell ya, even with all this chaos I'm actually excited for the new digs, it's a great space for entertaining, and we plan to host small wine-soaked jewelry parties, to teach people about moissanite and show off the different brands we carry. We may even have some special guest appearances. After we are all done ogling stones, then we can do a little hot tubbing, as soon as I figure out how to thoroughly sanitize someone else's hot tub. Ewwww.

Holidays are challenging for me at times with my parents gone, it's difficult watching our kids grow up without my mom and dad around to cheer them on, straighten them out, or tell crazy stories about me growing up. (although on my final point, that's likely a good thing.) So we tell stories about them instead, like the way my dad used to play pranks on my mom, which totally pissed her off every damn time, like short-sheeting the bed. (I definitely inherited the "do not play tricks on me/sneak up on me cuz it's not funny and I'll kick your ass gene".)  She always got him back somehow, for example, by teaching our dog to sit in front of the console TV and howl during football games. Yup, good times.

Now, back to business. Read on to find out where we've been, and where we are going. I'm feelin' like 2017 is going to be an absolutely epic year, amiright?

NEO pendants

JHD Then and Now

Let's brag a bit, shall we? I've been making jewelry for almost 10 years, and just 2 years ago I was selling mostly handmade gold wedding bands, some sterling bands and hand-stamped jewelry, with a smattering of gems tossed in. Fast forward to this year...now we have transitioned over to selling custom-designed moissanite and diamond engagement rings, wedding bands, stud earrings and kick ass pendants. Did you see our new Sasha pendant? People, seriously, it's the perfect layering piece. Anyhoo, sales have grown over 850% in 3 years. Pretty amazing, really. I've hired the fabulous Colleen Waltman as our takes-no-prisoners Director of Ops, and next year we plan to add additional staff as well. Who Colleen will train cuz she is funny as hell and I want to keep the hilarious vibe we've got going on here. If you want to work for me you need to have a foul mouth, raunchy sense of humor, quick wit, wicked attention to detail and a serious passion for moissanite. And do not call me Boss, that freaks me out.

NEO Moissanite

We started 2016 with one cut available in the NEO, a near colorless ideal cut round. It was pretty, but not amazing*. Our NEO guys made several rounds of tweaks to that cut earlier this year, AND then went and developed a 2nd round cut to boot. Both are gorgeous, so we now have our diamond cut round and the round brilliant. I liked the diamond cut round so much, I put a 4.2 carat monster in my new Raven engagement ring.

They then expanded their line to include near colorless and also colorless cushions, emerald cuts, ovals, princess cuts, radiants, hearts, trillions, half moons and more. Something to note, the NEO is so well cut, they face up whiter than a typical near colorless stone. Check out Instagram to see what I mean, people are always asking me if the NEOs I'm posting are colorless, and in most cases, they aren't. So basically in less than a year we went from having pretty rounds in limited sizes to a full line of beautiful stones, all with great pricing and the best moissanite warranty available. 

Look for more colorless NEOs in the new year, along with expanded sizes. Rumor has it we'll have a NEO asscher in the not too distant future, as well as additional sizes in their beautiful princess cut, I have a 1 carat sample here, and it's a sexy lil thang.

*Keep in mind many of the older NEO reviews you read on the boards are talking about the first gen NEOs. All the NEOs we are selling now kick ass.

AMADA Moissanite

Ya'll may have heard some rumors about a new moissanite in town, called the Amada Moissanite. It's all true, bitches! Colleen and I are rolling out our own line of moissanite that we are sourcing ourselves - we evaluated piles of beautiful stones and decided on a manufacturer that works with several experienced cutting houses - they'll even fine tune cuts for us if we aren't happy. Amada is all specialty cuts to fill in around our flagship NEO moissanite line, and we can get you anything your sweet lil heart desires. Amada comes in both near colorless and colorless options.

Imagine this if you will: drool-worthy elongated cushions in 2 different cuts of pillowy deliciousness, long narrow emerald cuts that are so frickin' gorgeous you may pass out when you see one, elegant Old Mine Cut cushions, Old European Cut rounds, quirky cuts like trapezoids, wider pears and all kinds of other delectable shapes. They come with a limited lifetime warranty. You'll find pricing is higher than on our other stones, but it's cuz they are special(ty) cut. I'm working on the website, which will have details on the stones, warranty information and such, but in the meantime, they are available for purchase - just shoot us an email or Etsy convo for more information. As we get yummy new cuts in, you'll find them first on Instagram.

Amada Logo Sketch


Do ya'll remember about a month ago I mentioned we'd be having a couple of giveaways, with several gorgeous SUPERNOVA moissanite items? Well, those items are here, just lounging about, waiting for us to post them on Instagram for you sexy people to win. Get this, we are going to be giving away a beautiful pair of 2 carat round stud earrings in 14k white gold, a 14k white gold bezel slide pendant with a 1.25 carat round SUPERNOVA, AND a custom designed yellow gold Sasha pendant with a 2 carat SUPERNOVA moissanite round. How's that for some giveaway badassery?

Keep an eye on Instagram for the earrings giveaway first (it might even be next week!) It'll be a social media kinda thang - like and share our post and tag people and shit like that.

I'm always talking at ya'll with these posts - now it's your turn to tell us some shit! What types of settings you'd like to see, what cuts are your fav, and what are you looking forward to in the new year? What do you want to know about moissanite? Do you love the holidays, or do they make you crazy? Do you like ugly Christmas sweaters? *cringes* It's ok if you do, I won't judge. Well, actually I might, but I still love you. <3

18 Responses

  1. Nazanin Fallahi
    | Reply

    This was a wonderful post! It’s great to see your small business doing so well. You must be so proud! I hope to own one of your custom rings soon and will wear it proudly. Have a wonderful holiday season and good luck with your move!

  2. Lauren
    | Reply

    I love round, low set solitaires with a skinny band and big rock! I’d really enjoy a comparison vid with the MoissaniteCo H&A stone (which I know you don’t sell, but I’d still love to see it) next to an NEO diamond cut. Those are my two faves right now!! Your new Promise ring has me drooling btw =) Congrats on the crazy success with your business, you ladies are killin it!!!

    • Jen Hollywood-Showell
      | Reply

      Hey Lauren! Me too, that’s a very popular style right now, big ‘ol rock on a skinny band. You know what? Our NEO diamond cut IS an H&A cut! It’s subtle, which I like better. I don’t love H&A cuts, they are too chunky looking, imo. The promise is a pretty one! Perfect for stacking with blingy bands. Thank you SO much! We do have a good time ’round here. lol Happy holidays to you and yours!

  3. Lynn Gale
    | Reply

    Can’t wait to see what you do in 2017!

  4. julie cracco
    | Reply

    Congrats on the amazing business and your new move(s)!

    My favorite type of setting…. well… I already ordered it from you (NEO cushion with baguettes), I’m patiently waiting in NY for it to be ready for shipment 🙂

    Finally, food for though, how about a Moissanite “ugly” xmas sweater…

    Happy 2017!

  5. Jen Hollywood-Showell
    | Reply

    Thank you sweets! The waiting is DEF the hardest part. *grin* But it’ll be sooo worth it!

    Haha, how would I do a moissanite ugly Xmas sweater?! I can’t imagine! lol

  6. Pat Murphy
    | Reply

    Jen do you have any green Moissanite available? I saw a piece on your old site and can’t get the pictures up anymore. How do I get to see your designs.? For some reason I can’t get to the site anymore. Looking for a lg cushion on radiant cut to set with white side stones maybe 5 on a band graduated down in size.

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    2016 – What a Wild Ride This Has Been

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