What is heck is an Amora Gem? Amora Gem is a brilliant alternative to diamond. They are WAY less expensive and eco-friendly. We’ve been working with these beautiful stones in my jewelry for a while now, and we are thrilled with the color and fire of these stones. I love the fact that they are graded like a diamond, so you know exactly what you are getting with cut, color and clarity. Read more about the AG on our, you guessed it, About Amora Gem page.

Want to see one in the flesh? Take a look at this video on Instagram.

A pricing example that will knock your socks off – A 2 carat round, ideal cut, D color, VVS2 clarity diamond, you’ll pay around $30,000. No joke. For the same in an Amora Gem, you are looking at around $2,300. Mm-hmm, I’m dead serious. Take a look at that video again and tell me that isn’t a crazy awesome option for an engagement ring!?

This is an actual Amora Gem live inventory feed – cool, right? We are working to get this page in order, this is a live view of all the Amora Gems that are available. I’m still sorting out the bugs on how to allow you to search for certain shapes and sizes, and then add stones to your cart to purchase. In the meantime, feel free to email us with any questions or to purchase a stone.