Stonezzzzzz. This is what it's all about, amiright? There are almost too many gorgeous new gems to choose from now, and it's gotten rather confusing - for us as a retailer and for you guys as well. We used to carry one brand of moissanite, and now we have 3 (with one on the way, our new ZAYA Moissanite), plus the Amora Gem (very limited availability). It seems like there are new moissanites coming out every month. The benefit to all this competition is better pricing, now that the moissanite monopoly is over.

I'm tellin' ya, now that you are on this journey with us, all will be well. We will will help you zero in on the perfect stone. We've done the research for you - beginning with a very scientific test on all of our stone brands - we ordered piles of stones and rolled around in them. Well, we didn't actually do that, but I seriously thought about it. 

Any-hoo, we actually did order piles of stones and louped them all (checked them thoroughly under magnification), dug into the manufacturing facilities, the knowledge base of the companies and people selling them, and more. We are certain the NEO, ZAYA, and Forever One moissanite are the best of the best. Rest assured all of the gemstone brands we sell are absolutely tops, in quality, clarity and color. So shall we explore your options? Why yes, let’s.