Back in the day I was an artsy sort, was an art major in school and did a lot of drawing and a little painting, but I got away from it once I ventured out into the business world.  For years I didn’t draw at all, and but then once I had my ‘lil girl, drawing with her re-kindled my love of all things crafty – we made too many trips to Michael’s and bought paint, crayons, stickers, you name it. I have a dresser filled with craft supplies, and my kids have every kind of marker known to mankind. I’m quite certain my husband is tired of all the markers, pads and random half-completed art projects laying around our house.

I have a good friend who draws all the time – gorgeous butterflies usually, with an Art Nouveau flair, and her drawings inspired me to give it another go.  So late in 2011 I purchased a few nice black markers and an artists’ pad.  Here is what I’ve done so far, the most recent goodies are at the top.


June 2012 – This is an ink drawing of a letter “G” I made for friends of ours who are having a baby girl soon.  They loved it, and the dad may get a tattoo of it!  I’ll post a photo of the tat if he does.

June 2012 – So many friends are having babies!  This is a letter “A” drawing I did, for a sweet little newborn boy that was born to our good friends Pete and Megan.  My friend Gina gave me some guidance on this one.  I wanted to make sure it didn’t look too young, so hopefully when little Alex gets bigger he’ll still dig having this in his room.

May 2012 – I have a little turquoise notebook, and I covet it.  For no other reason than the cool, swirled design on the front cover.  So I sketched it up and then finished it in ink.


May 2012 – Gina(my artsy friend) and I found a cool craft on Pinterest up-cycling old paint chips.  Unfortunately, newer paint chips don’t seem to come printed like this anymore, they typically only print one color per card.  So we made bookmarks by drawing designs in permanent ink on the cards.  My kids made several too – it’s a great rainy day project.

March 2012 – Spring-time art lesson.  I was scared when Gina told me we were drawing daffodils.  They are so 3-D, most of the flowers I’ve drawn are kinda flat, which makes it easier.  But these didn’t turn out too bad.  I had a good angle on them, thankfully none of them were “facing” me, I think that would have been even harder.

these suckers were tricky...

March 2012 – My first “official” drawing during my recent art adventures.  This is an ink drawing of the plumeria flower. I had seen one and really liked the shape of it. I started out with one, added the other two big ones, and it didn’t look finished. So I sat on it for a few weeks, and then added in all the tiny flowers.  It’s not amazing, but it was still fun to do.

March 2012 – My friend Gina has given me a few informal art lessons – the lessons always include much coffee, much food and much chatting – what could be better?  She gave me an assignment …pick a photo of something I like online, and draw 7 of them in 15-20 minutes. No erasing!  I was pretty happy with my flowers at first, and so was she, until we looked at the proportions of the flower in the photo, compared to my drawing. My centers were too small and petals too big. But overall, it was a  pretty good shot for my first lesson.

pencil drawing.


February 2012 – This is the beginning stages of a lotus flower drawing. I had seen a lotus on a rug while browsing a catalog – I loved the lines of it, and how simple it looked. This will probably end up an ink drawing when complete.

lotus drawing, unfinished

April 2012 Update – The drawing above did get re-done several times.  First because I didn’t get the proportion correct.  Again because I was enjoying a gorgeous Friday night outside with my kids.  I had a glass of wine, the sun was shining, kids were playing basketball(here’s the clue) and I was working on my lotus sketch.  The basketball went rogue and knocked over my glass, spilling red wine all over my work, my new white shirt and khaki pants – there was so much wine at the bottom of my pants it looked like I had gone grape-stomping.  I was able to salvage the shirt and pants, but not the drawing.

July 2012 Update – I still haven’t finished the I’ve-redone-it-fourteen-times lotus(I tossed the one above, proportions were seriously off).  The good one is almost complete, but I’ve been trying to draw a tribal sun for my husband’s first tattoo.  It’s been a struggle so I’ve shied away from my sketchbook for a while.  Here is a shot of how far I’ve gotten.